Thursday, December 30, 2010



I finally realize something.

No, i didn't realize that world war 2 ended long ago and dinosaurs were extinct.

I realize that I was born one year before 1993..

okay okay..,
I am serious now.
No more stupid sidetrack okay?
i realize...i realize..
I was such an idiot.

Nah..,like i am gonna go all soft and sentimental.
I actually just realize that i should spent time on blogging=)

okay, i wasted some of u ppl's 3minutes..=D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


tis is jz a short update.
i am gonna be at the pwtc this week on sat and sun.
its for the exhibition.
Well, looks like i get apply some of my theory from my previous experience.
I will, share it out here when i obtain confirmation.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my life without facebook.

well, i stop facebook for a while.
will be back soon=)


And so,
let me continue.
I spend my time during my holidays by reading, watching anime, eating, sleeping and so on.
I even went to the taman tun library.
Please take note that i went there to read not to stare at girls.

Well, sorry for not being the going out with friends type, its jz that i dun really like to be in a group.
Low profile..
no need so troublesome.

I had heard from people who told me:
"Why dun you go out more often?"
"Why dun you get a new phone?"
"Why dun you get a new car?"
"You should go out to many places and try new things and places"
"Why dun you go out watching movies?"

I had a simple answer..
that is money.
You think money fall from the sky??
You think going out no need money?
You think going to places like redbox, greenbox, watching movie, sunway..
all these no need money?

I salute my friend Ben for buying a new phone with the money he earn by working.
that is good.

Ask why dun i jz to get a job??
well, my parents dun let.
and I would prefer to do something else.
not saying those people who work out there are wasting their time.
They have their reasons.
Same goes to me.
I had mine.=)

I would prefer to spend time enhancing my skills and upgrading my value.
Of course, sometimes it ends up me sleeping.XD

Well, i did work but not for money.
I was at the MidValley exhibition hall recently, promoting my college.
Applying my probing, persuading, and communication skills.

And yes, MHui if you are reading this, yup, i felt like i was a conman.
my job is to persuade and bring parents and children in to the booth where the lecturers talk to them.
Its like guiding the lost sheep's into the lair of the wolf.
oh ya, not to mention i also once play the role as the lecturer once coz at that moment they do not have enough councilors.
I somehow pull it off though.hahax

Monday, December 27, 2010

fate is nt something for u 2 predict.. bt something tat gives u confident

okay, before i begin let me say a few things..
I guess there are some readers out there that might say,
"why is this guy so contradicting?"
as my previous post wrote that we have an option.
still dun get it?
Coz most people think that if there is already fate,
why is there options for us to make.

What is fate?
Fate is well, they say is the opposite of luck and coincidence.
Well, i am nt gonna define fate like wikipedia does.(too long and theoretical)
bt its important to at least know a bit of it.

You see,
If you were to look back at history and see how things happen and its consequences,
you will see it more like things were prearrange.
However, if you try to look at the future, you will see decisions, choices, options that are to be made.

Thus, fate is shaped from what we do now(the present)
and when we look back, we see cause and effect, that is consequences.

So then why do some of us believe in fate??
Well, in terms of religion, as for my opinion.
Its something that gives you confident to make decisions.
Makes you feel better, like you are being insured.
For those ppl who wants to condemn me, go ahead, coz this is my blog=)
Okay, sorry for that little sidetrack.hahax..
let me continue,

Fate gives you confident as in you feel you will not go wrong in whichever decision you make.
Its like telling you that life is up and down, you should embrace the future.

However, there are some people who over interpret it.
They feel that in life, we cannot change fate and it is something we must follow.
Okay, maybe following the light out of a jungle is acceptable for me.
But this is the future we are talking about, something we haven seen.
We can shape it as we want, just that when you look back at it, its consequences.
Do not think that if you are born that way, you stay that way.
You can change=)
Nobody has the right to tell you who you are and what you are.
Future is still unknown, something that can be forecast yet varies.

Conclusion, we shape our future via decisions to be made and fate is something that provides us a secured feeling like an insurance.

The end.=)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

well, sorry..,hahax

its been a long time since i made an update.
well, sorry.
still here?
wokay, here i go.

When we were young, we were taught to be honest and not so self-centered.
But as time passes by, we tend to learn more about ourselves.
getting to understand our own better.
in that process, we might do things that other people may not like.
they call our action selfish.
But if you were to look from another angle(dun look behind your monitor),
they do not want us to do things that they dislike or displease them.
Does that means they are selfish as well?
well, so are they themselves.
I do not admit that I or you are not selfish.
Everyone is.
That is a fact.
The question is how selfish are you?
However, let me put it this way,
a person's action may displease you, yes it does sometimes.
That cannot be avoided.
However to suffer from it, angry about it or feeling depress from it is an option.
You choose to be angry.
You choose to suffer.
You choose to be depress.
Its an option.

As i has mention before,
whatever happens or problem that occur,
it doesn't really matter.
coz what counts is that how do you take it?
Everything is an option that you make.

You make the choice, then the choice makes you=)

next will be about fate.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

and so...

and so my journey continues as a student.
A student is a person learns...
lol.. dun need me 2 explain that.

Anyway, allow me to relate it with our current life.
Students these days...., (sounds more like kids these days)
From young they are spoon feed with knowledge.
Like a mother feeding her child.
I am not saying that it is totally wrong.
Yes, at the beginning of education for a child is to be spoon feed.
And suppose, gradually, hopefully they will depend less on people especially teachers.
As education goes higher, student are suppose to think more for themselves as in point of view.
Sadly, not so happy, that the education system lately not just in Malaysia, but in almost everywhere is based on spoon feed system.=(

Proof you ask me??
Most subjects in primary school and secondary school is based on memory.
Although some more practical type of subjects exists such as addmath, but most teachers made in away and tell students this,"You dun need to know why, you just follow only and you will get your answer".
Sounds familiar?
Thats why if you go around asking students about practical things.
most of them failed to answer it or gave a answer that is very theoretical.

Students are suppose to be educated or train to not just memories theories but also understand and apply it.
Yeah, you heard it.
To know is one thing, to understand is another, to apply is not easy.
3 general phases.

So, those student who especially in college complaining about lecturer and not doing anything for themselves are a bunch of lazy asses..
Come on, how old are you?
Still need people to feed you?
Go do your own research.
at least some complain but still put effort.
Dun give excuses such as "I am not like him or her, I cannot do it", "You think everyone is like you?"
Lazy Asses Making Excuses..

Now, some maybe thinking that if "I" the writer is just talking shit.
Oh ya, its my blog man, my world, freedom of expression.
As long as i put no names in here then its ok.
Dun take life so serious btw.=)
Just try your best and be happy you did try.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

wat a morning...

okay, this time dun ignore the topic.=)
its quite a morning..
whole body ache..
yesterday, i went to a dojo.
Inside there gt 4 masters.
so, i practice with them.
We was suppose to practice akikai(a branch of aikido).
end up gt jujitsu, kenpo and many more.
i kena hentam, throw, slam 2 the ground, spin spin..., lock.
frm 2pm++ til 6pm.

And that was why my body so pain now.
the way they do things also slightly different.
like the way they break a fall also(aka ukemi).
dun get used 2 it.
so i end up hurting myself a bit also.

it was fun though.
learn quite a lot.
get to understand the flow of force better.

hmm.., then this morning went to church.
I have a reason okay?
i went to ask the pastor some questions to obtain some info.
Since what i will talk concerns about god.
need to confirm some info.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

forget me not=(

Continuation from previous post..

Forgetting something normal like task is easy.
But ain't that easy when it comes to forgetting a person.
Especially if you do have feelings for that person.
Well, its worse if that person is your school mate or classmate.
Have to face that person everyday.
Cannot avoid one.haha..
A quotes “It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone - but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.”.
No matter how satisfied you think you are to move on and get over that person, that you have to ask how to do it all, only will shows that it's going to be a painful process..

You might think you've gotten rid of that person.., only for you to start thinking about him or her after a year or two, you have feelings of pain and sadness again.
That's cause your heart is not with you. Its beyond your control.
That is your emotions that influence you.
But with emotions, that is what make us more human.
kinda sad right?

hoho.. agree with that?
for people who didn't face this might not get it.
for people who did, will.

oppss.., tersidetracked...
my bad..

okay, steps:

# Start liking someone else quick. In this position of depression, you are very vulnerable to emotional attacks. Liking someone else will distract you from that person. But when i said liking means not love okay? its like socialize with them. Get to know more new people.=)

# Cry out everything you have to cry about! When we get hurt, it's normal (and good) to cry. Don't ever think you're being weak for crying and don't feel embarrassed because of it! It's normal and it's good! you let go, when you cry. You can lock yourself in a room, if you want to, and put on some sad music...but let yourself feel the pain and cry so you can let it go.

# Its not easy but you have to know that friendship is friendship, relationship is relationship. Two different thing. Split this two. It will help you if that person is a close friend of yours.

#If you start to think about that person, then think about someone else. Someone hotter or better=)

#Spend time with your friends. Go out and have fun.

#If you are a student, get yourself busy with assignments and exams studies. Your degree is more important.

#Delete all those old pictures, sms, and chat history. This one is important. Coz the moment you see any of these, it will remind you.

#Take good care of yourself. Women tend to run for some kind of self-destruction when they're hurt. So if you're hurt, just try to use your pain for yourself instead of against you. Go to the gym, work out a lot, and use those energy of pain on something else.

#Last but not the best, you have to stop blaming you or that person for this to happen. You need to gain back your confidence. Do something that reminds you who you once were. Such as art, dance, workout, tweaking, positive observations..hahax..

thats all. dun wanna make it too long.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

one hand clap?

well, one hand clap.
wait, if its jz one hand, how to clap?
duh, obviously you need two hands to clap..
same thing goes to relationship.
okay, i think most people is getting a hang on what i am gonna rite on.
This is upon a person who requested it and shall be remain anonymous.
you guys still here??

so, its gonna be about 1-sided love.
coz tis is quie a big topic the next post will be on how to forget that person.
So, let us first go into about 1-sided love, what are the symptoms?

# You are the only one giving out compliments all the time.

# You are the only one telling him or her how adorable his or her is and it seems to bother him or her after a while.

# Goes out with friends, but never asks you out for a drink, dinner or movie!

# Doesn't call unless you call first and initiate the call, THEN he or she calls you back.

# Doesn't give you any news for a few days unless you are the one asking.

# Only will hang out with you if there are other friends there. Will avoid being alone with you.

# when you try to reach him doens't answer his phone. then, the same excuses: (that you always hear: "oops, sorry, forgot my phone at home, in the car, at work, battery is dead, etc, etc.)

# When you ask him if he wants to do something or go somewhere, the answers are never spontaneous. need long time to comes up with the answer(means doubts)

# He or she tells you constantly (to remind you and make sure you DON'T forget), he or she likes being single, doesn't believe in love, was hurt so many times in the past, he or she's not in a hurry, yet you find out a whiles later he or she's met someone new and is totally in love!!==

#Last but not least,he or she Doesn't say goodbye when he or she leaves...=(

wow..., is it jz me, or in my case, most symptom fit in?hahax..

most people are facing this one sided thing as well, many..
i assure that you are not alone.
That is why you need friends.=)
ur hommies, or whatsoever.

okay, so here on will be on the cause of 1 sided love.
1) Already seeing someone else.
2) Old wounds(due to past experience such as betrayal). aka fear of relationship.
3) Know that someone else like you already, so decides to give up on you.
4) just not the right time, not ready yet.
5) Seriously no interest in you.

The 1st one is quite obvious, don't need explaining.., you are 1 step slower.
The second one, needs explanation.
These are the few thoughts they have:
* I've had so many bad relationships and been rejected so many times in the past that I don't want to take that chance again!

* Sooner or later THEY always cheat on you...I'm not going to open myself up for that mess!

* I don't want anybody to have that kind of power over me and my happiness. I'm fine all by myself!

* Being in love makes you act like a fool, just stupid. I don't want to behave like that ever again. I was totally out of control.

Keep in mind that many people are just as afraid of success as they are of failure. They are ruled by fear from the past that haunts them especially being cheated or betrayed before by anyone.
Fear is a real killer of opportunity, success and love. Fearful people play it safe and never take chances or assume risks.
Thus, due to this fear, they choose to play safe and reject you.

Okay, bout the 3rd one.
Usually its about friendship.
He or she knows that his or her friend like you.
He or she doesn't want to destroy that friendship or whatsoever.
Thus, he or she rejects you.
Usually will go as far as to avoid you in this case.

4th one, this is slightly related to the 2nd one.
Just that it maybe due to personal perception that he or she may want to focus on something more important rite now.
Also maybe due to past experience.
But, sadly, quite a lot of people use study and focus on something for now as an excuse.
Concealing their actual reason. Coward i would call these people.
Dishonest if that person is not telling the truth.

5th one, is totally understood that person doesn't have interest in you.
So, just be friends.=)

While i was doing some small research on this,
i kinda remember some of my friends who face this as well.
And it reminds me a lot of things.
Made me notice a lot also.
Avoiding is usually the most common action taken by that person who conceals the reason who choose to be selfish...

So, next post will be on how to deal with it and forget that person.
miss u 24 7.

oh ya, almost 4got.
need 2 thank this few links.
and read more on it if you wanna noe more.
Symptom of one sided love
Fear of relationship

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i am mr.lonely..
not so lonely after all..
still got facebook.=)
and you.
yeah, the one reading this.

i am not gonna write anything 2day.
feel damn lazy..,
my wrist not okay yet=(

wanna let it recover fast..
need to nail down windmill in 2 weeks.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

i wasn't thinking bout me, i was thinking bout us...

as the usual, ignore the topic.
It was meant to be eye-catching.
still here ah? ok lo..

My right wrist is pain now..
so won't be able to type much.hahax..

okay, today will be on worry.
Some of us when we do things, such as task, projects.., we tend to be thinking on what the worse may happen.

lets talk a bit on fear, paranoid...
Our ancestors in their days, survival is important.
In order to survive, they would go as far as not only to adapt the environment fast but also to take many precautions.

These things had been passed down to many generations and finally to us(the current one).
So, most of us, whenever we are alone, we tend to be paranoid, feeling of being followed or sense of danger. Thus, its normal to feel so.
So, from those things, that are passed down, wanting to survive causes us to fear and take precautions. Thus, making us feel even more vulnerable at times.
This causes us to worry.

Well, i read this somewhere in a book that i forget.
Anywayz, sometimes these feelings(worries) are too much, unnecessary thus causes us to feel down.
Well, it won't be that obvious, because it won't only be one factor contributing to it but many problems or things or situation in life that we face, it accumulates and stack up.

That is why you can see someone down for no reason at times, especially females.
Its an accumulate effect. So, when this happens, they will find someone to release on, someone close i guess.
Release can be a talking kind of release form or sometimes can be like picking on that person(scolding, showing dislike..and etc).

Okay, i had sidetrack a bit.
So, as many of you may know, our ancestors travel in tribes(group) to hunt or whatsoever.
Again, this had been passed down to us.
That explain why most of us want to be a part of a group, sense of belonging.
When you are in your teenage, you would like to be in a group.., adapting to it.
Changing yourself to suit them, fearing or worrying that you will be left out by them.
Us humans, had the tendency to feel vulnerable when we are alone.
Thus, we associated ourselves with a group of people that hopefully may or had accept us.
So, sometimes, in the process of changing yourself to suit them, there might be some feeling of unhappiness or discomfort.
This is actually because you are deviating away from your "trueself"...

Naturally, one will feel "that", coz its like being someone else you are not!!

hoho.. hw many of you ever face this before? please raise your hand up..
okay, so now how many of you are lying??hahax..jz jk..

anyway, oppss... i sidetrack again.
This is what happens when i dun have a proper title..ha..

Continuing what i had wrote, many people then change to gain acceptance of others.
After being accept into the group, another type of worry arose...
life is kinda sad rite? wanna be happy bt yet another sad thing surface up.

There is then a thing called "pressure" that exist within the group.
Okay, imagine everyone dun wanna be left out by the group they had work so hard to get into..
They do not want to do something that is againts or opposite of what the group do.
Or sometimes fear of saying the wrong thing or wrong action..
Example, rejecting an offer to go out with them to hangout.
Coz if they do that, they might be treated like an outcast(outsider) by their very own group they cling on to.

Although there is actually not much pressure, most people create this pressure from their own..internal paranoid...self generated worries..

All these pressure whether by internal and external force on the very individual itself.. that is you...

Okay, here comes the hard part, many people fail to handle these pressure.
And thus worries it then became.
(i sound so shakespearish..haha)

People who end up having too much thing to worry, end up suffer from depression..
Some may show, some may not.
Effect of depression may lead to many things..
Okay, i will talk on this next time.

So, what i can say is that feeling of worry, sadness, being hurt(whether being troll or not), and all sort of other negative feelings..all these are not avoidable..
You will at least get hit by one.
Whats more important is that "how are you gonna handle it?"..
That is more important..

To put it simple,
One cannot avoid sadness or being hurt, but one can however choose whether to suffer from it or not...

okay, i noe i am acting like i am all wise and
i was trying 2 gain acceptance..hahax..jz jk..
i dun need a fix group..
a lone wolf that hunts alone.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

u smile, i smile=)

u smile, i smile lo..
its simple as tat..
if u dun smile, i still smile=)
i need ony 1 reason to smile, bt need at least 10 reasons not to smile.

call me a simpleton.
oh, ya, next week will be vb on database.

anyway, ystrdy i reas the star newspaper under "Dear Thlema"
one of the case the writer which is that this man,
who is married to this foreign woman for 18 years old and have 2 kids.
He is the only one working, providing everything..
He thought he provided every everything means he can say anything.
He said his wife is stupid for not understanding him.
Many things happen la. He often insult his wife.
Then he want her out of his life, divorce by always blaming her and stuff.
Even his children can see that and did not talk much to him.
He then blame his wife for influencing them. ==
Well, then the editor replied:
"Yes, your wife is foolish and stupid enough to marry a man like you for 18 years and have kids with you and bearing with all your actions and insults.
Yet, she never complain.."
This is what happens when one is working while the other one is not.
No earning power, no say..
this is what happening these days.
But the husband never see how good his wife is.
Being with him for 18years.
Always there for him.
He never realize that.
Shame on him.
Got a lady who is willing to tolerate and yet still love you but dun wan...

its jz an update..

Monday, October 4, 2010

the bitter truth..

wait, why did i put this topic??
you guys thought i am going to write about myself?
nah.., in your face..
eh.., still here ah??

ok lo.., i shall proceed.
sometimes when a person suddenly changes his or her way of treating you,
at that time, you have to take up the courage to ask the person.
don simply assume things.
Things might not what you expect it to be.
But also make sure you are ready for whatever answer you get.

Well, some people ignore you out of sudden, avoiding as in.
This kind of people sometimes think that in that way, they can avoid.
But to the person they avoid.., will think differently.
Some may think that why is that person acting that way?
Did I do anything wrong?
or say anything wrong??
silence is golden at times, but silence can also be like an assassin of the night.
That person will feel sad not because of being avoided or whatsoever but sad that he or she did not know what had he or she done wrong for this to happen.

maybe next post is about ICT.

Friday, October 1, 2010

today is a good day=)

2day is a good day.
coz its friday=)

So, lets talk bout the people now a days where they start to act aggressive towards others.
Now, when this happens,
words that are as sharp as blades will start coming out..
Sometimes even actions are taken that will hurt another.
But, you may ask.., who is at fault?
Allow me to first explain a few things.
Now lets look at the reasons:
1)Due to disagreements.
2)Due to prejudice.

Now, everyone are different as in way of thinking even the slightest bit due to experience and education from surrounding.
When ppl have different thinking, which cause them to disagree and prejudice.
They end up clashing with others whether big or small clashes.
Thus, everyone will argue, disagree and fight at some point of life even they do not want that to happen.
Who would want to always argue or fight?
Nobody wants it to happen..

Hey, but i am a nobody, thus i will want=)

hahax.. jz jk..
back to the point,
so now, whose at fault?
okay, first of all, in most disagreements, there will be one person(1st) who started it by saying something or doing something.
There will be another person(2nd) who will react to that action or words.

So, many ppl mite say that its the 1st person who was at fault.
Well, both were actually at fault.
1st person could have express things out in a better manner or channel.
2nd person could have control him or herself to react properly towards the 1st person's action.

Either way, both side could have handle it better.
Not saying that arguement can be totally avoided, but reducing its frequency of occurrence and its effect even if it happen.

Not asking you to change overnight though.,
it takes time.
You can move a big mountain to another place by yourself in jz a moment but it takes time.(Not including using big machine or dynamite and stuff)..


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

yo..., back a while..

yes, i am busy with my assignments lately.
so, thus i dun hav time 2 update my blog.
And yes, i am doing tis for the sake of updating.

I hereby proclaim that i had now update my blog.
so gud bye...
still reading??
okay, okay...

updating is a process where I put in some new info.
thats all.

okay la, here it is.
wats with ppl and their religion lately??
i dun mean that its wrong protecting ur religion.
it states there as protecting not fighting other religion.
Protecting is an action that where one shield something from offense or something.
Not asking you to burn down other religion or kill them?
when people were ask why they do that,
they say that they are awakening ppl, showing them the truth...
my balls man...
this is not the way to show it.
it only disgrace your own religion by doing so.
shame on you...
i myself respect other religion.
Everyone has something to believe or something to hold on to.
that thing is called religion or beliefs or some maybe science or self.
You have the right to believe whatever you want but that gives you no right to condemn others...

i gtg man..
busy man talking...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

the time has come for me 2 shine did not.

once again, ignore the fancy title.
for it is nothing.

Had I know you are like that,
Had I should I forget,
For I will not regret,
For I did not feel sad,
Because you are fat.

hahaahaahahaa.... one of the funny poem i came out with.
I had plenty of it=)

Okay, okay.. here is the original of it:

Had I know you will regret,
I should have forget,
For I rather be bad,
Than to make you sad,
cause my love for you,
is more than just simple as that.

hmmm..., i dunno wat i am writing...
bt it sounds kinda...crap.
as u can see...,
i spend 10 minutes on
anyway, its jz an update.

taking a girl for a movie is no joke.
rm50 jz go jz like that.hmmm....


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

forget me not u shall..

ignore the fancy topic lol,
i remember during my secondary school life,
once I was playing basketball which of coz requires me to mark a target tat is my opponent.
then my opponent dunno y dun like me gua.
scold me nvm..
later when continue playing he hit my face with his elbow.
bt i just say nvm, small thing.
Dunno wats his problem.
keep scolding me==
Thus, I conclude there are many types of people in this world.
Everyone is different in many ways..
Despite that, we humans are born with nothing,
and die with nothing.
From dust you were made, to dust you return" from the holy bible though.
What give us the right to judge others or be superior than another?
Then again, it is at the same time not wrong for us to judge others.
Well, that is one of my interpretation on one of Buddha's teaching where "right is wrong and wrong is right".
lol.., each ppl may hav different interpretation on this.
hmm..., like some may say that do the wrong things for the right reason.

Well, at the end of the game I just told him sorry if i had done anything.
though he gave a fierce reaction, but at least I noe I done my part.

lol, I dun belive in violence.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

self defence is important??

self defence is martial art or so tat is wat many ppl think..
ermm.., many ppl gt the wrong idea that gud martial art is where u can wack ppl like wat u saw in the movies in IP-Man, wing chun.

martial art is wat it is depending on how u use it.
like wat ip-man said.., ten ppl come.. best thing 2 do is run..
no matter how pro u are.., many one 2 many combat is nt easy..
its jz a movie after all..
last time when i 1st learn aikido, i asked the same question 2 my sensei.
so, watching tat movie in tat part makes me laugh.
jz tat i dun end up kena chase by many ppl.

okay, back 2 main topic..
self defence, most of them emphasis on 1 to 1 combat..
so, if 1 to many.., jz run..
Knowing self defence is gud if for gud practice and use.
But being street-wise is far more important..,
coz tat can save urself..
Being street-wise in the sense that being aware of your surrounding.
Knowingly what happening or is someone following you.
In lay-mans term, instinct.
that is prevention.
as they always say, "prevention is better than cure or defends"

There was tis mom tat came 2 my sensei's dojo..
ask us 2 train her daughter technique..==
straight away
she is a freaking 4 years old...
who barely even talks much or understand much..
asking her to do some basic movement is hard enuf..
u think ur daughter is genius ah? or we are god ah?
martial art needs patience, time...
nt in one day or weeks...
u dun think tis is like those tution where they hav intensive class..
n u cannot force ur child like tat..
if she dun wan, ma dun wan la.
wat for spoil her childhood.
let her enjoy it.
treasure it as a gud memory.

my friend, a gal ask me and my friend hw 2 defend herself..
then at last she ask wat if some ppl tie her or hold her both hands and leg..
or push her down....
hey, we are not god la...
if kena till like tat.., then jz kena lor..
wat can do??
tats y being streetwise is important.
martial art is more like a lifestyle or culture instead of self-defence.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

no u dun

No, u dun greet your friends on the road by knocking their car..
I am talking bout the rate of accidents anywayz...
ignore the 1st sentence.
still here??
okay, so accidents has occur a lot recently.
especially during the peek hours.
People tends to be less patient due to anxious feeling of wanting to go a certain destination.
Thus, they drive faster. and bang..., knock a car in front, side, back..(can't think of any other angle u can knock)
Then, when an accident occurs.., people tend 2 slow down to watch, even the opposite side(worse, very sampat). Trafic will squeeze into smaller lanes.
Of course that results in massive jam.
And people became less patient as the jam or wait increase..
Worse, some keep observing the accident, they didn't c themselves..then bang!!
another accident...
sad case..
sounds like some final destination shit..
busy man now.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

y la so emo?

y la so emo?
wait.., y am i repeating the title?
nvm..., bt dun gt emo by it

i mean people can be sad at times..
but u dun hav to be too sad..
coz u will make other people demotivated as well..
not saying that u can't be sad..
u hav all the right to do so.
but you don hav 2 over do it.
hey, but u noe what?
i and everyone else here has no right to change or judge you.
we can only say and comment.
So, if that makes you okay, then go on with it.=)
coz different people different thoughts..
thus, different way of doing things.

if possible any of u reading tis can giv some comments or in my cbox on ur opinion on ppl being too emo.

Btw, here is something i sort of learn by reading a book called Embracing Change: Essential Steps to Make Your Future Today by Tony Buzan.

time is always moving.
changes is always happening with time.
You or we are a part of change.
thus, we can never stop ourselves from changing.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

deduction for fun.lolz

This is a deductive statement if i am not wrong.., blue pls correct me if i am wrong.

1)all critical thinkers own people.
2) CK is a critical thinker.
3) thus, CK own people.

This is a deductive statement if i am not wrong.., blue pls correct me if i am wrong.

Here is an example of inductive statement:

1) all students should be able to study.
2) kai yuan is a student.
3) therefore, kai yuan can study.

One of the main difference as you can see is the 1st statement of both.
The 1st one is certain, the later one is not certain.
lol, just read a bit from a book.
correct me if i am wrong, blue.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

the result of personality test for career

You would be very happy in a career that utilised your level-headedness, and allowed you to work mainly on your own. You want a career that allows you to stimulate your senses and your mind, without having to be involved with lots of people. Some careers that would be perfect for you are:

* Novelist
* Photographer
* Vet
* Medical Technician
* Paralegal
* Geologist
* Marine Biologist
* Graphic Designer
* Online Content Developer
* Webmaster
* Computer Security
* Producer
* Computer Programmer
* Technical Writer
* Systems Analyst
* Meteorologist
* Artist

You like working and being alone. You like to avoid attention at all costs. You tend to keep to yourself, and not interact much with the people around you. You enjoy spending time with a few a close friends. You like to listen to others, but don't like sharing much about yourself. You are very quiet and private.

You are very practical, and only act after thinking things through. You don't like being forced to answer quickly. You have to evaluate the situation completely. You make decisions based on what you can verify with your senses.

You like to be involved deeply in one or two special projects. You like to be behind the scenes. You are very logical and fair. You feel you should be honest with others at all costs.

You trust what is certain. You only like new ideas if they can be practically applied to the situation. You value what is real. You use your common sense. You like to utilise the skills you have instead of learning new ones. You are very specific and detailed when writing or talking to others. You follow directions well. You like things to be laid out for you to do instead of working them out for yourself. You like decisions to be made. You don't like things to be left in limbo. You like to know what you are getting into before you commit to something.

You like to focus on the here and now. You enjoy completing projects. It is important for you to achieve and succeed. Therefore, you believe in working hard and playing later. You like to set goals and work towards them.

Read more: What career will suit your personality?


okay, first fact: hypocrite is someone who pretends or lie about something he or she thinks or belief but actually doesn't and vice-versa.
2nd fact: we are all hypocrites...
3rd fact: denying the 2nd fact already makes you one.

quite the free rite?
jz came back from gym.
its been a long day.
brought mei-chan out to teach her parking==
amazingly she parks better than me but dunno why that day she cannot.
then went to the curve to look for her musical thing.
walk around..luckly i rmb where she park my car or else we will nvr go home.

dunno why victor tmr nt coming.
haiz, means only me and mei-chan.
tee kay also not there,
boring like that la.
during the journey usually got many ppl to talk to.
at least dun feel tired.

oh ya, forgot about the c++
next time ba.haha(lazy)

okay, that is an example of procrastination.
delaying task or work intentionally.
hey, that was what i just needed for my essay in time management.
Not bad, spontaneous ideas coming out.
better start my work.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

and so...

sorry blue pasta, coz for what i rmb i started it on sunday rite?
that thing save it wrongly i guess?

lol, btw, i had been wondering what was my motivation all these while.
So, i run some analysis..haha
Found out that sleeping and lazyness was my motivation.
this is how it works:
1) In my mind, i want to sleep and rest/
2) i need to get the work done
3) i tell myself the faster i get tis done, the faster i can sleep.
4) Thus, sleeping makes me do my work=)

some, critical thinking

c.k should take critical thinking though,
it suits his personality.haha

I am sort of worried bout my assignment.
got a bad feeling this.

I wonder if the world is actually flat and not sphere?
hmm..., mayb it is? but there are lots of theory that proves it is sphere.
Like, sunset.

Continue c++, so u will soon see some c++ tutorial soon.
if u r lucky that is, coz lazyness can be my strength and my weakness.haha

Monday, July 5, 2010


well, at least we got some assignment at last.
that way i would not be bored.
assignment can be a pain in the ass but it could be fun.
wonder how I will do it.

went to the gym,
and when i was done,
i walk out and there is this girl practicing aerobic with the rope.
Well, the rope fall on to me.haha..
That girl was quite shy though and was like apologizing to me.
I was like nvm one la, make sure u do well in performing.haha

Feel so sleepy.
at least now mei-chan~ driving is improving,
now i can let her drive a bit while i take a nap.haha

lolz..,went to her house to use the toilet..
i straight go in,
then her dad was like shock seeing a guy in.
I was like "Err.., hi, uncle, can i use the washroom?"
Then i straight go in.
Later i came out,
then we talk a bit.
He said he was shock a bit seeing a guy come in,
thought i am a robber. ==
guess my current look made me like a bad person?
it was not the 1st time.

So i went home and sleep.
read a bit on c++ and accounting.
I was thinking of taking up CIMA
its like business accounting.
So, it means taking 2 degree in one time.
will it over burden me?
i dunno man.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

untitled 1

So, i began to like my college
and dislike driving more and more.
trafic jam kills the joy.
ladies driver..
Not all ok?
can't they just let me go in the lane when the front part of my car is already more than half in..
they still have to speed and almost knock==
luckly i sempat turn back.
that distance from my car to her at first when i gt into the lane was like 2 or 3m.
And she was slow...until my car went in...omg..
horn me some more..
and its not jz one time..many times that my finger lost count..
will it cause you to die if your car have 2 stop a while?
does it really hurts or wound if u let me cut your lane?
If any of you think this is wrong..., go see and experience this for yourself..

But to explain further, there are two type of lady driver when in these situation.
1) the aggressive type.
2) the straight forward type that dunno anything thinking that ppl will see her(innocent type)

So, either way, it causes them not to break to let u in the lane.
And they have the tendency to do emergency break, why?
didn't i just mention that they dun like to stop?
its because they dun like to slowdown and stop,
it causes them to force a emergency break when they get really near the front car.
Thats my theory.
Even the girl in my car also tell me that girls driver are like that.

kk.., putting that aside..
There are two types of driver when they want to cut lane regardless of their purpose.
1) those who are fast enough.
2) those who think they are fast enough.

Its like the theory of social class:
1) poor people struggle hard.
2) rich people think they struggle.

ps: i think this has exceed 500 words.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

yeah, freedom

i woke up 2day at 5am.
no class 2day=)
fetch my bro to school and my grandma to my aunt's place.
went home and continue sleeping XD
quite the lazy.
i send them early so i can go back to sleep early.

Woke up at 11am.
okay, so i went swimming.
no one at pool.
its all mine man.
no need 2 worry ppl use ur lane.
After that, i went to giza to hav lunch.
it cost me rm15 and free parking.
had a nice lunch.
The funny thing when i had lunch is that i saw this female
who seems to be 20++
waiting for someone in another table.
waited for 30minutes==
that is like when i am done eating already.
So, there is this guy who came in a hurry.
First thing he said was that he is sorry that he was late.
Then he ask did he keep her waiting? how long?
she said that not really, only 5 minutes.

i was like ==
hmm..., guess that was their first few dates.
i think it will be different after few months.
Here is a simple illustration,
Same thing happen, guy ask the same thing again.
But this time the girl will be like
whats wrong with you? Why are you late?
You noe, making me wait here so long with my empty stomach.

okay, that is the scenario. =)
ps: monk-ed, i wan the torrent hack..ZZzzzz.. i noe u busy sketching girls.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 post in one day.

its been long i had done 2 post in one day.
gonna talk a bit bout tis week.
So, i did a car pool with my college friends.
its good.
at least i dun need to drive a lot.
save petrol=save money. =)
have to fetch my friend back sometimes as well.
she stay near, so nvm.

okay, there is this time when i went out to eat.
there is this group of gals sitting beside my table,
at 1st i tot tat it is jz me tat i think one of them is looking at me.
then, a few times it happens.
and i caught once. And i got a funny reaction when she turn her head looking away.haha
what i meant is that, if u have something to say, just say it. i need to eat peacefully without having the feeling of being stare.
you noe, it feels uncomfortable.

Well, KB school karnival damn sienzzz.
my bro there, so i hav 2 go.
haiz, waste my time there.
my junior could not recognise me
coz of my look now,
its different..

i think i have 2 do back meditation.
or not no energy next day.
believe it or not,
meditation improves your body regeneration as well.
it keeps u focus.=)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

ucti dance club..

So, me and c.k went to check out the dance club in ucti
on friday.
We were the 1st to arrive at the meeting.
So, we were like ok, the club is not punctual.
Then slowly got a few came.
It didn't match the numbers as in 64 sign up but less then 20 turn up.
I think coz they didn't really inform ppl well.
They just post it in the ucti webspace.
I didn't noe bout it till c.k told me.
So far okay, i think as they might have some class for us.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

a little bout economy.

Before i begin, some facts that i wrote might be wrong.

to put it in the simplest form,
economy is demand and supply.
As demand increases more than supply, price of supply increase.
As supply increases more than demand, the price decrease.

means: E = D/S
Where E is economy,D is demand, and S is supply.
okay, understand the above?

Okay, there is something called business environment which
are factors that will affect the business or economy.
It is divided into two: internal(controllable) and external(uncontrollable).
For more facts click here.

in a rush as i jz came back from penang.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

update ma update lo..

update lo..
hmm..., last week went to the demo for aikido.
Before that, there is some practice(not for the demo) taught by inoue sensei.
Was quite good as it helps me to improve my basic.
Cause in aikido, basics are essential.
Ermmm.., so we got some random partner from other dojo.
I was wearing a white belt though i dun rmb hw many test i pass adi.
lazy to get one. Dun wan to be a show off coz i memang noob.
So, the n1st partner i got was a black belt guy.
He is quite good and commit to his attacks.
The 2ns one was a girl..
I was like err..a bit awkward as i nvr train with a girl before.
The next few things that happen during practice is better to keep it to myself as most are difficult to write here.haha

So, ppl like see me white belt.
Then they were surprise why i go demo.ha
But i made quite a number of mistakes there.
The other demo made by the other dojo were pre-plan.
mine is like spontaneous.
Other dojo made it like acrobatic which i think is wrong.
They have kicks and punch which were not aikido moves...
aikido is not some awesome self-defence, just to give u a picture of it.
Its difficult and not easy. needs patience.
not many ppl understand it.
And basics must nvr be left out.
ps: i am still noob.

errr.., my team won the class debate by luck.
had to thank monk-ed for some advice=)

this is just for the sake of
very busy lately n nw.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


okay, so college was fun.
sort of although the jam was not.
nt the jam u eat with bread, its the traffic jam.
kinda stupid whenever there is an accident.
Malaysians are very concerned type of people when it comes to this.
they stop by to "see" if you are okay.
and cause a major congestion...
whats even funnier is that the opposite traffic is even more congested..
Well, at least you will noe that there is people out there who are concern bout you whenever you encounter an accident.

my car petrol kept burning...
haiz, waste of petrol.. money ah...
traffic jam made it worse.

So, i was in the dojo yesterday,
my sensei last minute told me that i will be replacing someone for a demo in front of the japanese sensei and many people..
i was like
how long i had not practice man?
So, i ask him what kind of technique we will be doing.
He said it will be done spontaneously..
He say just relax and follow.
i was like i am so gonna screw it up..
and so my senior told me one advice, two words..that is " whack only".
i was like saying back two words.."thank you"
dunno hw le, next week demo.
no practice one, its random.

doing c++
relearning it coz i forgot most of it.haiz
busy man typing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


ermm.., met many ppl in college.
a few funny guys..
made it lifely i guess.
hmm.., nt as boring as school.
more fun there.
made a few friends there.
btw, i am studying in ucti in case some of u dunno.
its somewhere in bukit jalil.

feel sleepy.
driving in the rain is sleepy.
no fun. =(

When i was in buddha class, i learn a lot too.
Its like respecting others is important.
And when something happen, look at yourself to see if its your fault first thing first.
In your heart there live 3 brothers,
Greed, anger, and confusion(makes you can't differ from right and wrong).
If you can control all 3 of these, i say u pro.

and real monk only come out in the morning till 12am if i am nt wrong,
and they come in group.
I learn how to meditate as well.
not easy. coz my dorm very noisy.

jz for the sake of updating this blog.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

let it fall..

okay, i learn something important from ns.
at least its important.
its something bout love.
love? yes, love..==

ermm.., its something i learn from the bible.
john 3:16
For god so love the world, he gave his one and only Son, so who ever that believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

something like tat.
hmm.., found it?
well, love is nt about sacrificing.
but it is about giving nt jz taking.
of course, this applies to both side or party.
where both give not jz one give and the other one jz keep taking.
bt its quite true.
if u think of it as sacrifice, its like you are force to do so.
but if u tell yourself that you are giving, it sounds better.
giving and sacrificing is two different things.
when you sacrifice something, you will definitely feel like you want something in return.
like in chess sacrifice for glory(gambit).
unlike giving, you won't really feel you want something in return.
that is my interpretation.
different people reading that worse may have different point of view or thinking.
cause we are not the same.
there is no right or wrong as in mine is correct and yours is wrong.
that is not for us to judge but to believe in.
and of coz apply it.

boring oh my post?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm back nw n forever..

okay, i made it sound like i was held captive or in jail.

NS was bitter and sweet is what i can say.
well, learn quite a lot.
learn bout buddha and god.
meet many martial artist there also.
i am the most noob/lousy among them.
we have taekwondo, karate, muay tai, silat, aikido, street fighter(not the street fighter that you imagine), and wing chun as well.
we all share our knowledge, and thoughts.
it was interesting.
i had not practice aikido for so long.
bcame even worse adi.
ppl there damn funny weh, they never heard of aikido b4.
they tot aikido has kick n punch.
v dun kick nor punch.
i guess aikido is quite low profile.
ppl there ask me wat is it.

haiz, kinda miss the ppl there(my friends) not the kem ok?
next week 1st lesson for foundation after 2 weeks of orientation.
hope i can still study n
miss u all out there.=)
and 2 make 1 thing clear, i did not had a gf when i was in ns. ok?


Thursday, April 29, 2010

and so..

so, i am back again frm ns for cuti sem.
till tis sun.
damn, i feel tat i screw up lots of things lately.haha
i think i made 1 of my friend hate me..
accidentally la..
ystrdy sleep at 8pm.
so tired.
continue a bit of vb 2 refresh myself a bit.
web browsers..
miss my house, family and friends.
and most of all i am worried bout her.haha


making a web browser is aint easy as it seems.
you need to do lots of things.
using vb doesn't gives me much of the tools and power to make a gud one.
i was thinking of learning, its for internet application or web-based ones.
bt on 2nd thought, since i am gonna finish c++. i mind as well finish it first.
i did a bit of reading, and found out that java can produce a better result in making a web-browser. not only that, it can make an os.
bt of course it needs time la.haha
nt as easy as snapping ur fingers.
i talk too much.
need to continue doing my things.
tis time is different.
i changed a bit.
i plan my time properly.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Ns was fun.

well, its fun.
though boring at times.
at first the place feels kinda dirty but get used 2 it later.
made lots of malay friends. they are okay.
my roommate are all fit and muscular.
nt like
so, it motivates me to train harder.
they teach me how to 1 hand pumping.
hmm.., being botak feels weird at 1st.
look in the mirror and ask myself who is this.

there gt leng lui la of coz.
the only time you can talk to girls are during
class activities.
i went to the buddha thing.
i dunno what the hell his talking coz my chinese isn't that good.
all i noe is that there is this girl siting beside me whom i borrowed my pen to.
i didn't ask for number okay.
i am not that type of guy.

hmm.., the food there was nice.
only thing is that when u brush your teeth you can see lots of 'siu keong'(cockroach).
i think guys will have no problem adapting unless he is some rich ppl son.
girls will have lots of problems i think.
guys 1 girls 0

i called her when i gt my hp on sat.
at least gt 2 noe how is she doing.
wish i could help her feel better.
haiz, i damn useless.

tmr go back ns lol.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

already gone..

well, i soon will b gone.
nt the one tat go n nvr comeback la.
Go national service at kuala kubu bharu, selangor.
its cold there.
well, jesus took 3 days to comeback,
i need bout 3 months instead.haha
no offence to any christian.

i am gonna miss a few ppl and things.
gonna miss the internet a lot.
gonna miss the tutorials.
gonna miss u.
gonna miss her.


tis blog will b dead for a while.
hope i meet friends there nt foe.haa

monk-ed take care too.
dun gt so emo.haha

tis sounds like a will. ==


Thursday, March 18, 2010


okay, tis post is meant to educated ppl.
ppl always thinks that worm, trojan, rook-kit are a part of virus.
As in computer virus.
Malware is what all these(trojan, rook-kit, virus, worm) are categories under.
Malicious code are worms and virus.
worms and virus are two different thing.
Worm usually infect your pendrive or through the internet.
It is a stand-alone type.
It doesn't need to attach itself with a file.
It replicate and breed in your memory space.
A virus on the other hand needs to attach itself to a file like a parasite to coexist.
and spreads by duplicating the file or virus.
Both virus and worm have almost some common objective, that is destruction or corrupt your computer.
Although worms main objective is to slowdown your com by eating up your memory and then "Kill" it.
Usually your regedit will be infected by the virus as well.
Regedit is like what the computer will launch or activate whenever you start your com.
like your msn messenger, firewall, antivirus.
cause when you mite have erase the file, it will comeback again.
So, cleaning your regedit once a while will do you good.
But makesure too save a backup of it before cleaning it.
Here is a cleaner that i recommend.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


my hardisk is infected by 'cancer'
it will keep spreading and no cure. TT
i love tat pc.
almost 10years using it.
all those times i spent with it.

it develop some thing called bad sectors.
okay, before that, let me explain something.
hardisk works as in saving data using its ferromagnetic.
in case some of us who forgot wat is ferromagnetic?
its things that are attracted to magnet.
the hardisk is like a magnet. some sort of magnetic material which gains its magnetism when there is current flowing through it. so the hardisk spins and read and write memory into it.
its became like a magnetic fluks.
damn many things bout physics here, i think monk-ed will read tis.
okay, so u get that part?
so, as time passes by.., its magnet weakens..
there is something like a limit of spins a hardisk.
so, it create some bad sector.
the spin-up time will also be affected.
wat i could do for now is mark those bad sectors using remapping.
bt tat won't stop it from spreading==

Thursday, March 11, 2010

dunno wat 2 name tis post..

here is another fact bout me..
i can....cook.
okay, for those who had start laughing or maybe rolling on the floor in tears,
go on.haha
seriously, i can cook.
of coz simple dishes la.
nt the cook like the one u saw in those movies tat can make the food tester stun for few

okay, so i gt my spm result.
went to moses house in the morning.
n gt on to monk-ed's car tat has 2 tires and two engine.
all the way to school.
mati enjin
stupid school, i gave back my buku pinjaman long ago.
then when i gt there, they say i can't take my result coz i had not gave back..
i had to find the teacher whom i gave back the book to.
bt the teacher said she dunno who i am. =="
luckly there is one teacher who rmb tat i gave back the book.
i got 1A, 4A-, 3B+, 1B.
at least those subjects tat i care gt A-.
ict, bi, bm, math, add math.
i can't memories things..., more like i am lazy to memories things.haha
it was quite satisfying for me.
i also pass my driving test by luck.
c.k's advice was to gas only.
so, it somehow helped.


Monday, March 8, 2010

National service..

so, as far as some of you may know,
i was selected to national service.
i will be leaving at the 28th of march.
location: kuala kubu bharu.
until 12 of july if i am nt wrong..

i am kinda excited in some sort of way..
u may think i am crazy.
i wanna go there to test myself..
see how far i can go.
wat is my limit.
i hope i dun jz go there to kawad(marching).

do and don't:
1)dun make enemy on the first day.
2)find a gang.., best if it is the majority there.
3) dun seek attention, dun show off..
4)only talk when required to.(who noes wat mite slip out of my tongue)
5)dun pick a fight.
6)dun wonder alone at nite coz u mite meet new friends..
7)do wat u are told unless its ridiculous.
8)dun try to be a hero.
9)dun bring anything valuable there.
10)make sure u come back in 1 piece coz there are ppl waiting for you.

so, tats it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


yes, finally done halfway for my c++ tutorial..
i think other ppl would had finish it by now..
i set my own deadline..
so, no worries.

in c++
to show strings or text.
you use: cout << "Text" << endl;
to receive you use: getline (cin,Variable);

in the int main ()
always end your statement with ;
Unless it is some sort of control structure.
such as
"for(n=0; n < variable or constant ; n++)
{ statements;}"

btw, tis is the best c++ tutorial i see so far
lol, its been a while i didn't give tutorial.
for those who want to noe things in vb(visual basic) go to those old post of mine.
or you can request some samples from me.
i am a generous man..ok?
gt 2 gt busy..

Monday, March 1, 2010

personality test

You Are An ENTP
The Visionary

You are charming, outgoing, friendly. You make a good first impression.
You possess good negotiating skills and can convince anyone of anything.
Happy to be the center of attention, you love to tell stories and show off(quite true).
You're very clever, but you are not disciplined enough to do well in structured environments.

In love, you see everything as a grand adventure(omg). You enjoy taking risks for love.
And if things don't work out, you're usually not too much worse for the wear!

You would make a great entrepreneur, marketing executive, or actor.

At work, you need a lot of freedom to pursue your own path and vision.
How you see yourself: Analytical, creative, and peaceful

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Detached, wishy-washy, and superficial

click here to try it too

Thursday, February 25, 2010

things tat i did in the past few weeks and days..

well, during cny..
there was one night,
i take a walk around my neighborhood.
wat i did was greet anyone i see happy chinese new year..
this action was nt 4 the sake of getting angpau.
most of them respond back to me by wishing me back.
some jz smile back maybe coz got no words to say..

i had been doing c++ past few weeks.
was fun as usual.
it was because i noe visual basic, thats y i dun really have much problem recently.
bt i gt a feeling that a big problem will come up to me.
thats the time where i have to put lots of effort and patience.

here is a little thing bout fighting or whatever u called it.
bet u didn't expect i noe anything bout it.
hmm..., in a fight, whether boxing, sparring, or anything.
a feint move or known as a fake move is quite dangerous.
its not the feint itself that is dangerous.
is the hit(punch, kick or anything else) that comes rite after the feint.
Cause if a person knows where he or she is about to be hit, he or she is more prepared and take less damage and shock.
but if it is a hit that u didn't expect or dunno where it comes from, it will deliver a blow strong enuf to damage u not only physically but also mentally.
One of the ways to so called deal with feints is that u look ur whole opponent as one object.
That way you could clearly see whats actually coming.
it need lots of experience though.
Some pro can throw feints at you without much movements.
Of course, some feints may be obvious.

hmm.., thats bout it..
wat a random thing to right about 2day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


okay, someone requested me long time ago 2 talk a little bit bout myself.
So, thats wat i am gonna write a bit bout me 2day for a change.

hmm..., i am jz an average guy who works hard if determined.
if the weather from a sunny day suddenly change 2 rainy day, i will feel sick.
Sometimes chest crammed, the worse is teeth bleed. that is my weakest moment.
I think its got something 2 do with my lung.
i had weak lungs.
Here is my theory,
due to sudden change of weather, the surrounding air pressure change as well due to move movement of hot and cold air. These sudden change of pressure causes my lung to have some sort of low pressure. and causes it to cram. I am no bio student so i can't really elaborate properly.
lol... now a days not as bad as last time coz i noe hw to control my breathing 2 reduce to effect.

I had a habit of getting addicted to things easily.
Such as games, programing, and others.
I dun smoke nor do i take drugs(except medicine ==")

I dun really fancy having lots of wealth.
jz an average life will do.

i like programing coz its something interesting jz like chess.
I like to socialize, make new friends.

oh ya, i suck at art and i have no sense of music.

ermm.., thats bout it i guess.

a great cny.

so, during cny.
2 of my friends namely ben and c.j came 2 my house.
Well, we had lots to talk about and played a lot.
had a great time with them.

okay, nw is the time for me 2 put in more effort after a good rest.=)

I actually had some target i wanna achieve before i start my foundation in apiit/ucti.
1)Gonna nt play dota 4 1 month.(done that during january)
2)win 5 times consequently in garena.(done that rite after january)
3)finish vb6.0(done tat during january)
4)finish c++ (doing it now)
5) either learn java or SQL( haven done yet)
6)get my driving license(haven yet)

As you can see, things are pretty pack here.haha
so, i got to be fast.
coz time is a limited asset to us human.
use it wisely and not being a liability to others(sounds like an accountant)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy chinese new year 2 u all=)

so its cny.
everyone is going around collecting angpau..opps, i mean visiting.

its also valentine's day.
for those who are couple,
well, have a good day and enjoy urself with your partner.
dun let them wait 2 long.
and also for those who are single,
try ur luck la.. who noes?haha..
finally, for those who are single and cannot get anyone jz like me..well, jz enjoy ur cny..haha

being single is ok man..
u r nt alone..
u always have urself... and ur

of to go collecting...ermm.., i mean visiting

Friday, February 12, 2010

driving on the highway.

it was my 2nd lesson on driving.
ermm.., my instructor ask me 2 drive 2 subang using the subang highway.
hmm..., quite scary at first as i can see a lot of 'pro' driver on the highway there
moving zig-zag.
but then later it was fun, i like the feeling when i speed up.
changing the gear.
then when corner turn: clutch, change 2 lower gear, accelerate.
wow, was a nice exp.
hmm..., after the lesson, went back using another highway.
was very jam and packed.
had to play with the clutch and accelerator a lot.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


so, valentine n cny is coming..
so what does this means?

yeah., collect ang pau.
And this calls for bachelor party.haha

jz jk.
that is if i can't find anyone.
who wants me anyway?

i am gonna be a bit greedy.
i am going 2 learn c++ and SQL at the same time.

hopefully can master it by march..haha


Thursday, February 4, 2010


ok, its done.
The simple data program which can access database's tables.
Ermm.., it cannot do report yet of coz nor it has a proper form.
Click here to download it

i now thinking whether should i play a little longer with vb or should i go 2 c++?

life goes on even u stop..

ok, the title was jz for show.
its jz 4 the sake of updating my blog.XD

after i train chess a bit, i went to yahoo and play chess with ppl.
Then i also play with the chess titans(some chess program in windows7).
I was able to beat its highest lvl.
bt i think it is noob la.
cannot be strong, coz i hadn't played for a long time.

I realize how much i like to use gambit.
gambit its like sacrifice anything to speed up and kill.
Bt thats the risk. And if the attack flow is stop, the user will have a hard time.
So, u have to keep building up your attack.
It means abandoning your materials in return of speed.

My programing went quite fine.
Crack my head as the usual.
Finally able to create a program that can access any database u want.
its easy actually.
Only coz ppl like me who are slow need more time.haha

btw, projectKai_Mun_kok will be continue next week. after a long break.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

lookingt back.. and going back..

After my spm,
I look through my past.

Then i rmb about chess.
How long i haven't touch it.
And how long i had not sharpen my skills since form1.
I miss those days..
Days where i learn what it means to not give up when all is lost.
What it means to lose..
And what it means to win.

I ask her for an advice,
whether a not if i should continue to pick up from where i left.
and she gave me quite a good reply.

So, i will be practicing,
I know chance of winning are as slim as 0.5%.
Cause i had been outdated.
Its different when u play outside and msskl.
I will be joining an open tournament.
Dunno when yet.
mayb 21st of feb.


Friday, January 29, 2010

And so..

i screw up my bio clock.
Sleep at 4am, wake up at 11am..

I slack a lot in vb.
Coz keep on reading manga.

I spend my time 2day(5hours)
looking at the pseudo code of the vb.
than, i finally understand...
I am such a slow learner in this..
many ppl can do even better than me..
bt i will keep trying.

i would also like to tell all my friends that are working out there
all the best to them, especially moses and levi who were selling korean face mask.

For those who started foundation or college or A-lvl.
All the best 2. And dun be too stressful.

I am still static here.
y.k who is trying to get a life, all the best 2 him 2.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ahh..., deadline ahead..

so giving a myself a deadline seems quite pressuring.
Feeling the pressure now.

Only have time till sunday nite.

anyone noe any good tutorial for
ADO in vb6?


Monday, January 25, 2010

new projects ahead

So, i was thinking that
before i go for c++,
I want to test myself out.
I planned a project using vb6.0
I will upload it when its done.
Its simple but looks okay.

That day i attend my driving class.
Suppose to be only 2hours but due
to some circumstances it became 3hours.
1st hour was ok,
2nd hour start to feel tired,
3rd hour i lost my concentration..
too tired adi.
Aiyo, then the instructor left me alone and ask me to do the usual(
side parking, naik bukit and 3point turn) by myself.
Damn scared coz nobody to help me break tis time if anything.
Some more, i was tired n not able to focus.
haiz.., wat a day it was.

Then the upcoming lesson also will be 3hours.

I did not check my weight recently..
It increased by a lot.
So, i did lots of things to bring it back down.
cardio excercise helps.

back to my project.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moving on..

ok, now..
i am done with Visual basic.
So, i will now move on with C++
Already download it.
Now finding some good tutorials.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

yeah, i did it.

after some hard times of about 5days,
i finally was able to use the property get and let in vb module class.
Ok, it may sound alien to some of you guys or girls.

Well, the some students are having their exam this week.
It will be quite hard i guess.
hmm.., all the best to u all who are having your exam.

I watch quite a lot of anime this few weeks..,
one piece, naruto and many more.
there is this website that has all those anime videos there la.
So, i surf there to watch anime as usual.
The website has a chatbox on the right.
Something caught my eye, its this girl who post something on the chatbox
I look to her profile, and what i saw is this in her profile:
"I am new here and innocent, dun try to hit on me.."
I was like "ya, rite..=="
looking at her pics is obviously she wants attention.
putting "..dun try to hit on me" sound more like "please hit on me"

or is it jz me?
no idea.

back to vb.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

today is sunday.

So, i did something for a change.
i attended one of my friend's church for the youth thing.
It was fun.
Playing those games.
Meet people.
Nice people there.
The people there are not hard-sale like some other church which will keep pursuing you to join their church and receive god.
So, i feel ok there.

aiya, stuck again in vb.
Property get and let.
Its quite confusing..


Friday, January 15, 2010

Google save me always..

Ok, finally i understand why i wasn't able to do the module class in vb.
I will post it next time.
Thanx 2 google.
This will be a short post.

hmm.., the ubuntu so far no crash.
Quite stable, its free.
It uses python programing.=)
I was thinking of learning that after vb.
I think i can finish the vb book by tmr nite.

Panda 2010 makes ur com freaking slow. =(


kai introduces ubuntu 9.1

yo, i finally got my hands on the ubuntu cd=)
trying it out.
nt bad though.

here are some screenshots and pic.

as you can see at the side, its wat is shows when u start up your com.
The white light wasn't due to my camera or light lighting. Its like that one.
Quite nice coz my this com is using quite an old monitor though.
You can also see a few buttons bellow the screen.

As you can see, this is what you see after you log in, damn many function. Haven try all yet.
can lock screen and many more.

This one allows you to customize the desktop. Its quite a lot things you can do. You can add a lot of visual effects. I didn't put any yet coz my this com is quite old.

This is like their 'paint' program. Its damn good.

Thats bout it for now. coz i lazy to type so much.
I want to explore more first as well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So, it was the day i went to listen the teori.
and for the pratikal.

It was the first time i drive.
i nvr drive a car nor did i rode a motorbike before.
It was sort of scary at the first minute.
But, when you start to know the timing of the car's clutch,
it begins to get fun. trust me=)
Some advice were given from my friends as well, such as c.k, yit kenn and monk-ed.
i still quite noob in driving though.

Aside that, me and two of my friends went to school to help the teacher in the lab again. This time we soft of did less work and we got demoted from having pizza and mcd to nasi goreng.
I hope tmr will be better.
I also help my friend's sis who had some problem with her pc.
I went there test things out. Switch the ram slot, plug out all the wire, wait for 5minutes, then plug it all in. tada, its fix somehow.
amazing.., i wonder where did i get tis ability?
Ya, i do it for free.
coz i want to gain experience. Not go n c leng lui.
dun get me wrong ><

I want to put up some vb tutorial in youtube.
what do u think?

Money is not the root of all evil.
Its greed.. or to be more precise(accurate)..its actually us human ourselves.
Dun blame it on money, its us.

I am now once again stuck in vb. The last part of the book.
Its bout class modular. anyone can help?

recently at my housing area kept on putus electric.
TNB doing some work? should have inform us.
My com kept offing due to it.
Lucky no blue screen.


Friday, January 8, 2010


and so....
during the holidays..
i tot of getting a job..
bt my dad says make sure the job will
giv me experience in my future.

So, i went to my school..
ask my ict teacher if there is anything i can do to help.
There were things to be done as the school receive 42 new pc.
Yes, with 2gb ram, 200gb hardrive space.
first day, me, yit kenn and c.k went to school.
at least it wasn't that boring..
We had free pizza for lunch.
2 large pizza for us.=)
The last piece of pizza was left..,
unable to decide who gets the last piece..,
and so we settle it like men..
Playing a childish game to decide it.

Second day, it was only me..
at least got the lab assistance to teman me.
hmm.., free mcd for lunch.

I was thinking to ask my teacher whether i could work there part time.
I dun mind bout the pay.
As long as my heart n stomach is content.
I am cool with it=)
Work for free, eat for free, drink for free, and breath for free.
whats there to lose?
I recently go to my friends house to fix pcs.
I realize all techi has a type of aura.
When you go there, suddenly the pc can work like normal..
i dun do miracle though nor am i a pc doctor..
bt i do giv hope.
So, my current status:

1)Single(open for

i am thinking of a project using vb combining with database.
Any idea for me?

Sunday, January 3, 2010


so, i spent my time at home.
Training back all my basic work out in order to get back the
strength i hav 2 years ago.
rite nw i ony can do 150 sit ups in 1 go.

i spent my time doing vb.
took me 1 hour to learn to connect a database to vb.
beginner in it.
anyone can also do it.

I miss the school a bit.
Those days where i climb the wall like nothing everyday.
knowing all the routes.
meeting my friends there.
being at home is fun.
coz i dun often get to be at home last time.
always at school n at my aunt house.

gt 2 continue my lesson on vb.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

me and my crazy idea.

Well, i went to monk-ed house.
We talk lots of crap.
One of it that caught in my mind is that about the linux os.
i was thinking, if can learn to tweak linus os such as ubuntu.
wouldn't it be great?
big dreams
talk is cheap.
So, i ordered a ubuntu cd.
Waiting for it.haha

I was thinking of creating a web browser as well.
but dunno la.
talk only.
dunno will do a not.
Still sick a bit.
i sort of stop facebook a bit.
came to my senses.