Monday, March 8, 2010

National service..

so, as far as some of you may know,
i was selected to national service.
i will be leaving at the 28th of march.
location: kuala kubu bharu.
until 12 of july if i am nt wrong..

i am kinda excited in some sort of way..
u may think i am crazy.
i wanna go there to test myself..
see how far i can go.
wat is my limit.
i hope i dun jz go there to kawad(marching).

do and don't:
1)dun make enemy on the first day.
2)find a gang.., best if it is the majority there.
3) dun seek attention, dun show off..
4)only talk when required to.(who noes wat mite slip out of my tongue)
5)dun pick a fight.
6)dun wonder alone at nite coz u mite meet new friends..
7)do wat u are told unless its ridiculous.
8)dun try to be a hero.
9)dun bring anything valuable there.
10)make sure u come back in 1 piece coz there are ppl waiting for you.

so, tats it.

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