Thursday, March 18, 2010


okay, tis post is meant to educated ppl.
ppl always thinks that worm, trojan, rook-kit are a part of virus.
As in computer virus.
Malware is what all these(trojan, rook-kit, virus, worm) are categories under.
Malicious code are worms and virus.
worms and virus are two different thing.
Worm usually infect your pendrive or through the internet.
It is a stand-alone type.
It doesn't need to attach itself with a file.
It replicate and breed in your memory space.
A virus on the other hand needs to attach itself to a file like a parasite to coexist.
and spreads by duplicating the file or virus.
Both virus and worm have almost some common objective, that is destruction or corrupt your computer.
Although worms main objective is to slowdown your com by eating up your memory and then "Kill" it.
Usually your regedit will be infected by the virus as well.
Regedit is like what the computer will launch or activate whenever you start your com.
like your msn messenger, firewall, antivirus.
cause when you mite have erase the file, it will comeback again.
So, cleaning your regedit once a while will do you good.
But makesure too save a backup of it before cleaning it.
Here is a cleaner that i recommend.

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