Tuesday, June 15, 2010

update ma update lo..

update lo..
hmm..., last week went to the demo for aikido.
Before that, there is some practice(not for the demo) taught by inoue sensei.
Was quite good as it helps me to improve my basic.
Cause in aikido, basics are essential.
Ermmm.., so we got some random partner from other dojo.
I was wearing a white belt though i dun rmb hw many test i pass adi.
lazy to get one. Dun wan to be a show off coz i memang noob.
So, the n1st partner i got was a black belt guy.
He is quite good and commit to his attacks.
The 2ns one was a girl..
I was like err..a bit awkward as i nvr train with a girl before.
The next few things that happen during practice is better to keep it to myself as most are difficult to write here.haha

So, ppl like see me white belt.
Then they were surprise why i go demo.ha
But i made quite a number of mistakes there.
The other demo made by the other dojo were pre-plan.
mine is like spontaneous.
Other dojo made it like acrobatic which i think is wrong.
They have kicks and punch which were not aikido moves...
aikido is not some awesome self-defence, just to give u a picture of it.
Its difficult and not easy. needs patience.
not many ppl understand it.
And basics must nvr be left out.
ps: i am still noob.

errr.., my team won the class debate by luck.
had to thank monk-ed for some advice=)

this is just for the sake of updating.lol
very busy lately n nw.

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