Thursday, February 4, 2010

life goes on even u stop..

ok, the title was jz for show.
its jz 4 the sake of updating my blog.XD

after i train chess a bit, i went to yahoo and play chess with ppl.
Then i also play with the chess titans(some chess program in windows7).
I was able to beat its highest lvl.
bt i think it is noob la.
cannot be strong, coz i hadn't played for a long time.

I realize how much i like to use gambit.
gambit its like sacrifice anything to speed up and kill.
Bt thats the risk. And if the attack flow is stop, the user will have a hard time.
So, u have to keep building up your attack.
It means abandoning your materials in return of speed.

My programing went quite fine.
Crack my head as the usual.
Finally able to create a program that can access any database u want.
its easy actually.
Only coz ppl like me who are slow need more time.haha

btw, projectKai_Mun_kok will be continue next week. after a long break.

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