Thursday, December 30, 2010



I finally realize something.

No, i didn't realize that world war 2 ended long ago and dinosaurs were extinct.

I realize that I was born one year before 1993..

okay okay..,
I am serious now.
No more stupid sidetrack okay?
i realize...i realize..
I was such an idiot.

Nah..,like i am gonna go all soft and sentimental.
I actually just realize that i should spent time on blogging=)

okay, i wasted some of u ppl's 3minutes..=D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


tis is jz a short update.
i am gonna be at the pwtc this week on sat and sun.
its for the exhibition.
Well, looks like i get apply some of my theory from my previous experience.
I will, share it out here when i obtain confirmation.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my life without facebook.

well, i stop facebook for a while.
will be back soon=)


And so,
let me continue.
I spend my time during my holidays by reading, watching anime, eating, sleeping and so on.
I even went to the taman tun library.
Please take note that i went there to read not to stare at girls.

Well, sorry for not being the going out with friends type, its jz that i dun really like to be in a group.
Low profile..
no need so troublesome.

I had heard from people who told me:
"Why dun you go out more often?"
"Why dun you get a new phone?"
"Why dun you get a new car?"
"You should go out to many places and try new things and places"
"Why dun you go out watching movies?"

I had a simple answer..
that is money.
You think money fall from the sky??
You think going out no need money?
You think going to places like redbox, greenbox, watching movie, sunway..
all these no need money?

I salute my friend Ben for buying a new phone with the money he earn by working.
that is good.

Ask why dun i jz to get a job??
well, my parents dun let.
and I would prefer to do something else.
not saying those people who work out there are wasting their time.
They have their reasons.
Same goes to me.
I had mine.=)

I would prefer to spend time enhancing my skills and upgrading my value.
Of course, sometimes it ends up me sleeping.XD

Well, i did work but not for money.
I was at the MidValley exhibition hall recently, promoting my college.
Applying my probing, persuading, and communication skills.

And yes, MHui if you are reading this, yup, i felt like i was a conman.
my job is to persuade and bring parents and children in to the booth where the lecturers talk to them.
Its like guiding the lost sheep's into the lair of the wolf.
oh ya, not to mention i also once play the role as the lecturer once coz at that moment they do not have enough councilors.
I somehow pull it off though.hahax

Monday, December 27, 2010

fate is nt something for u 2 predict.. bt something tat gives u confident

okay, before i begin let me say a few things..
I guess there are some readers out there that might say,
"why is this guy so contradicting?"
as my previous post wrote that we have an option.
still dun get it?
Coz most people think that if there is already fate,
why is there options for us to make.

What is fate?
Fate is well, they say is the opposite of luck and coincidence.
Well, i am nt gonna define fate like wikipedia does.(too long and theoretical)
bt its important to at least know a bit of it.

You see,
If you were to look back at history and see how things happen and its consequences,
you will see it more like things were prearrange.
However, if you try to look at the future, you will see decisions, choices, options that are to be made.

Thus, fate is shaped from what we do now(the present)
and when we look back, we see cause and effect, that is consequences.

So then why do some of us believe in fate??
Well, in terms of religion, as for my opinion.
Its something that gives you confident to make decisions.
Makes you feel better, like you are being insured.
For those ppl who wants to condemn me, go ahead, coz this is my blog=)
Okay, sorry for that little sidetrack.hahax..
let me continue,

Fate gives you confident as in you feel you will not go wrong in whichever decision you make.
Its like telling you that life is up and down, you should embrace the future.

However, there are some people who over interpret it.
They feel that in life, we cannot change fate and it is something we must follow.
Okay, maybe following the light out of a jungle is acceptable for me.
But this is the future we are talking about, something we haven seen.
We can shape it as we want, just that when you look back at it, its consequences.
Do not think that if you are born that way, you stay that way.
You can change=)
Nobody has the right to tell you who you are and what you are.
Future is still unknown, something that can be forecast yet varies.

Conclusion, we shape our future via decisions to be made and fate is something that provides us a secured feeling like an insurance.

The end.=)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

well, sorry..,hahax

its been a long time since i made an update.
well, sorry.
still here?
wokay, here i go.

When we were young, we were taught to be honest and not so self-centered.
But as time passes by, we tend to learn more about ourselves.
getting to understand our own better.
in that process, we might do things that other people may not like.
they call our action selfish.
But if you were to look from another angle(dun look behind your monitor),
they do not want us to do things that they dislike or displease them.
Does that means they are selfish as well?
well, so are they themselves.
I do not admit that I or you are not selfish.
Everyone is.
That is a fact.
The question is how selfish are you?
However, let me put it this way,
a person's action may displease you, yes it does sometimes.
That cannot be avoided.
However to suffer from it, angry about it or feeling depress from it is an option.
You choose to be angry.
You choose to suffer.
You choose to be depress.
Its an option.

As i has mention before,
whatever happens or problem that occur,
it doesn't really matter.
coz what counts is that how do you take it?
Everything is an option that you make.

You make the choice, then the choice makes you=)

next will be about fate.