Monday, December 3, 2012

Bad attitude~

hmm...., today i saw a young man working in the bank,
he was suppose to settle my documents for me,
 so i waited and kept seeing him rushing with his unorganized papers on his table.

So, as busy as a bee he is, he made some mistakes here n there and  was notify by his colleague.
He didn't even thank his colleague but instead he gave a cold look at his colleague.
So, it was my turn, i was kinda worried that he mite screw up my document, so i kept double checking before filling up the forms and read through some of the doc before signing.

Since I was not very familiar with the document, I needed more time to read it and understand it.
Due to his previous mistakes, more ppl where queuing in the line.
Not to mention he is still rushing some other documents(Not mine).

I did not mind that he didn't smile or was rude to his colleague
but the next thing that comes from him was somehow annoying to me.
He said "Can you read faster and fill up the form faster or not?" with a rude tone.

I didn't said anything and jz continue at my own pace.
So, at one part of the doc i was suppose to write the amount.
He assumes that it is the default amount and submitted the form for me
until i saw and notice and ask him why it wasn't the amount that i put in.
He just kept quiet as though as it wasn't his fault...

All in all is that I can see that either he was having a really bad day,
or his ego is too high.
And I dun think that kind of ego will get him far.

Good type of ego is okay but not that bad type of ego.

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