Sunday, September 28, 2008

hmm...i wonder..

i sumtimes wonder,
wat is it like being undercover...
spending my whole time readin my letter...,
hoping one day tis world wil stop shatter..

I sumtimes wonder,
wat is it like being able to stand on top of the world..
feel proud bt no one to share wit..
so, i want to share all my happiness wit all and make my memory sweet..

I sumtimes wonder,
wat is it like being a director...
kept on yelling and shouting...
bt no ones listening..

I sumtimes wonder..,
wat am i doing?
rite nw,
rite here..

(tis would b my last post til 7th of oct)
i had 2 go 2 korea,
nt studyin 4 d whole year,
jz relax and like wat i'm doing here..
c ya...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sad coz i am nt able 2 change my friend...

its 2 late...,
although its state...,
tat one can always turn back while others wait...,
bt its jz 2 late..

could hav change you..,
bt u did't let me let me hav a chance 2..,
its been long since noein you..,
although back there you may look new..

i look up,
its jz me staring a cross the street..,
i remember your smile was sweet..,

I took a step in,
hoping that you would b changing...,
bt this self of urs won't let me in..,
i woke up,
its all jz a dream..

I was relive..,
tat all these r jz illusion..,
coz i wasn't able 2 had a solution..,
the next thing i noe,
u were out there,
n i walk down the stairs..,
seein u smile..,
make me shattered 2 tears..

-the end-(rap it)

Monday, September 8, 2008

time is running out...

time=2 money
bt money is nt= 2 time..
gt it?
time can b converted 2 money as u work..
bt money doesn't convert 2 time..
nt bout chess 2 day..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

my chess..

well, this is nothing much..
jz a bit of my experience..

well, wanna noe hw i start learnin chess?
it sure will make u laugh..

back in when i was 7, a few people were playing chess..
back there i dunno hw 2 play that game so all of them laugh at me..
i went home crying..
so after that during year end, i begin 2 start 2 learn chess frm my father n a simple book.
i was a slow learner bt whenever i thought about those who laugh at me.., i decide to move on learnin bout that game..
i reach the age of 9, i joined my first tournament in a hotel..
of course, its ends wit a lost bt i manage 2 gt 2 out of 7.
hmm.., then i join a few tournments 2 gain more experience n exposure.
as i hav reach 10, my chess teacher heard frm another teacher about my chess.
so he let me in the school team.
well, in that tourment, i did quite well in zon sentul(won 4 out of 5)(defeat KB current strongest player)..
as i proceed 2 being a 12 years old boy, it was the first time they had msskl.(as captain)
i almost lost the first round(down by one rook) bt i won by a pass pawn.
i lost in round 6. bt won in round 7 againts a KB player who i had lost a few times to in other tournment b4 that.( my result was 6 out of 7). so i manage 2 gt 2 mssm.

when i was form1.., i almost miss my chance 2 represent my school in chess coz nt noeing who was in charge in it. bt luckly i found them, n they tested my chess skills n let me in.
so, in zon sentul..,
my won the first two matches. my third match 2 my 5th match were frm KB. those days KB were strong in chess. bt i won those three matches. n i drew in my 6th match againts a KB student. In my lasy match, my opponent was the KB captain(15 years old). i ask him for a draw bt he decline me a few times. I think he was underestimating me back there. I suddenly remembered that game he played wit his opponents.. i realize he did nt castle through out the whole game. So i focus all my attack 2 the centre. I also made a double pawn so that i can hav a open file in the f file. It all works well when he lost a pawn.., then came his downfall..
So, i gt first in that zon sentul. bt i did badly in msskl, reason being was that i was under pressure into thinking that i am the zon sentul champ n must nt lose. that was my mistake..

nw, i am form4.. after form1, i had 2 concentrate in my study, so i stop my chess..
form4 i almost can gt into mssm bt lost my last round..
next year will b my lasy year..., as the captain i hope 2 b able 2 train all my teammates instead of in individual..

Saturday, September 6, 2008


gambit means to make someone trip on purpose in italy.
a gambit is used in such a way that you sacrifice ur materials such as a pawn..
sumtimes u sacrifice a knight n 2 pawn!!..
bt there is a price 2 pay when ur opponent accept ur sacrifice..
1)his/her piece development will b slow down..
2)king will b expose to danger..
3)allowed the user of gambit 2 hav a fast development and a few open file..
4)doesn't hav enough time 2 castling..

by the way, a gambit is offensive, and can b more offensive(depends on the user).
it wil allowed u to come out ur killing instinct(nt 2 kill ur opponent bt his king)..
it drives ur blood in ur vein(it makes u a feel like an assasin in the game)..

all that may sounds cool, bt a gambit user has its risk..
1)if u do nt develop in time, u wil b counter attack..
2)u must try 2 b persistent 2 attack ur opponent's king..or else u must face the consequences sumtimes..
3)dun allowed counter attack...

here r a few tips 4 d user:
1)u must hav a strong mind set that tells u that when u sacrifice a piece in a gambit, u must nt hav a thinking that makes u feel like recapturing ur oppenents piece 2 gain it back..(if u do that, then it means, u better of nt play gambit).
2)instead of recapturin back, u make used of ur opponents moves that has been used 2 capture ur pieces that u had sacrifice. do sumthing like, launchin an offensive attack n while his king is left un castled..

here r some tips do those that encountered gambit:
1) try nt 2 waste ur time 2 capture the pieces that has been placed 2 sacrifice.
2)instead, try 2 giv him back those piece u had capture if u wan 2 neutralise the gambit(by letting go back the piece u had capture, u can nultify the gambit)=)

here r a few openings 4 gambit.

Evans gambit:1)e4 e5
2)nf3 nf6
3)bc4 bc5
4)b5! Bxb5

morra gambit: 1)e4 c5
2)d4 cxd4
3)c3 dxc3
4)Nxc3 Nc6

I do not recommend queens gambit as it is in fact nt a gambit since it will end up recapturing the pawn it sacrifice...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

some computer problems..

What i am about to tell you is a very basic troubleshooting..

Situation:Your computer has some sort of virus but it keeps on coming and does not allows you to boot up your pc in a normal window..

First:Try recalling what was the last file that you had receive(exe files especially) from the internet or removable hard drive and pendrive. I had once encounter this and it was via msn where my "friend" send me a file saying that my photo is in it. I went and check the file..
It turn out to be an exe file after I had check the extansion of it by going to "tools" and click view extansion. So i change its extansion to a .jpeg and also .jpg but it doesn't turn out to be a pic after trying a few extansion.

Second:After recalling it, you boot up your computer in a "safe mode" via your BIOS.

Third:Click on your start menu and go to system tools and click "system restore".
Usually a restore point was made monthly. So you choose the date that before you receive the exe file.

Fourth: Don't be so happy about it yet, Since its now deactivate, the file would be still there. Delete it from there..if it stil doesn't work, then i am sorry..

hope this will come in handy to those out there although this sounds lame...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


yo, wassup?
well, before playing this game, i felt that this games sucks and boring...(no offense 2 u all dota players, k?)
but after I played it once....,
its a whole lot different story..hahax
it turn out to be an interesting game especially when u get excited using your hero to hit another.
of course my first match turn out to a lost since i was a noob back there in Jun 2008.
i start playing the game more frequent and manage to learn a few useful ways to play it frm my friends..
frm vs easy to insane. then AI+ insane..
it was fun i had 2 admit..
you want to noe wats anoying?
is tat when u r playin halfway or beginin, people start 2 ask u y buy tis buy tat?
all those things la..
sumtimes even when playin halfway, suddenly someone frm behind wil b tryin 2 take control of ur sounds stupid...
anyway, add me in gg, kaiyuan2
although i mayb noob a bit, bt hope u would add me.