Saturday, March 13, 2010


my hardisk is infected by 'cancer'
it will keep spreading and no cure. TT
i love tat pc.
almost 10years using it.
all those times i spent with it.

it develop some thing called bad sectors.
okay, before that, let me explain something.
hardisk works as in saving data using its ferromagnetic.
in case some of us who forgot wat is ferromagnetic?
its things that are attracted to magnet.
the hardisk is like a magnet. some sort of magnetic material which gains its magnetism when there is current flowing through it. so the hardisk spins and read and write memory into it.
its became like a magnetic fluks.
damn many things bout physics here, i think monk-ed will read tis.
okay, so u get that part?
so, as time passes by.., its magnet weakens..
there is something like a limit of spins a hardisk.
so, it create some bad sector.
the spin-up time will also be affected.
wat i could do for now is mark those bad sectors using remapping.
bt tat won't stop it from spreading==

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