Sunday, March 29, 2009

Problem with programing syntax.

I was learning VB express latest version.
I learned a few things from it.
Such as creating a web browser, calculator, and some form.
The problem started when i was request to do a project with VB6.0
Well, the problem was that the syntax is different.(syntax is a type of grammar for codes)
Generally, each programing language has different syntax(grammar).
So, i need to relearn a few things.

Friday, March 27, 2009

There is always a first time in everything.

this week no need to study.
coz ony gt 6-7 people in class.
teacher not teaching us.

Okay, as i was saying, there is always a first time in everything.
Same goes for me:

1)first time slap by a girl was when i was 7.
2)first time didn't do homework was when i was 11.
3)First time represent school was when i was 10.
4)First time getting hundred marks in something was when i was 8.
5)First time making good friends was when i was 10.
6)First time representing the state was when i was 12.
7)First time admire a girl was when i was 12.
8)First time making a fool of myself was when i was 17(jz recently)
9)First time enjoy siting beside a girl was when i was 15.
10)First time i face a terrible failure was when i was 14.
11)First time i actually got all A in every subject was when i was 15.
12)First time i couple was when i was 16.
13)First time i break up was 1-2 weeks after i couple first time.
14)First time i design a program was when i was 16.
15)First time i felt a girl touch my heart was when i was 17.
16)First time i cook was when i was 11.
17)First time i got fired was when i was 13.
18)First time i socialize with people a lot was when i was 13.
19)First time i almost wanted to give up everything was when i was 17.
20)First time i hug a girl was when i was 12.
21)First time i got beaten up was when i was 14.
22)First time i get thrown was when i was 15.
23)First time i played dota was when i was 16.
24)First time i actually study was when i was 15.
25)First time i felt that i was in the right class was when i was 16.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hahax..all this while..

All this while i thought that i was good for nothing,
now i realize that i was nothing for good.
Well, i think since form4 i can nvr do things right.
Always screw up.

I did't update my blog coz i was on holiday n i gt sick when i return.
Ate too much til gt food poisoning and gt fever.
Ain't dance fever, but the fever that makes your body goes up to 38 degree celcius.
Bt gud things happen when i gt sick of course.

hmm..., some people told me that i'm a fool to go for her.
She mite have someone else is what they said. Some say she maybe two-timed me.
i dun care wat they say. If i care wat they say, then i am nt Kai Yuan.
Worry bout her lately eh..
I no longer like want to go after other girls now a days. Mayb too tired..hahax or jz bored adi. want to study.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

blur these days..

first sign of blurness,
I start forgetting things i should do.
I dunno whats going on sumtimes..
I think i am left out in study..
this morning, I was walking along the pathway in my school, the one near the entrance of my school..
I then saw chern kit,
he jz cut his hair.
So i talk to him,
the next thing i noe was,
I bang on the pole rite on my head.
then everybody look..
damn, i think i am lack of sleep.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sports day..

reach at school at 5.50am..
The guard didn't let anyone in at first.
Then i and mun fuong talk to him. and let us in.
Well, somebody came late... and we didn't have the plan which was with that person..
turn out out to be a bit bad but i dun blame him of course...
couldn't see wei han coz never see him in uniform b4..

The marching was fun though tiring..
hoped it rain back there..
few people pass out..(the same few ones who pass out during raptai)

then we were placed to duty.
I thought i gt the most boring spot of all to duty..
I was so wrong..
i was at the good spot(feng shui place)
my friends came and ask me why dun i eat.
I said i need to duty and i can't eat with my glove.
Guess what? they feed me with their food..hahax..
when i said "they" it means girls..
which guy won't enjoy it?..haha(if she read this, i am going down)
well, there is once the food gt stuck in my throat..(almost choke to death)
N suddenly someone claim me as her bf for fun i guess.
i gt shock.. who wouldn't?

After the event, i went home and had a rest.
Went to the dojo, to practice aikido and train my both feet to glide n slide on the ground.
hmm..., almost break my toe.

As usual, i will sleep after practice.
hmm..., i realize that i had this kinda disease or whatever is it.
my whole body will paralyze and i can't talk or anything for a few minutes during sleep.
It only happens if i overwork myself and sleep late on that day.
its like your whole body force shutdown.
But i dun reboot,k?

Thursday, March 5, 2009


i was caught last week for climbing the wall in school last week with my friend.
I dun blame him though as i have been climbing since form1.... damn, first time in my five years of this.
hmm..., i had to give a speech about my experience of climbing the school wall.
and also why is it bad.

I did my script last minute..., i was ready for that speech..
Well, things didn't went my way, the teacher change my script here and there.
When i was about to give my speech, I had realize that i couldn't really read what that teacher had changed. I stun for a few seconds... n i got panic..

it became the joke of the day, I was then known to everyone in school..==
damn..., i screw up..

anyway, i didn't get caught again the day after i got caught. i change path/routes.
take different way.
I also did some observation, seeing where else can i climb to get in and out.
Safe time..
The new path i had found could not be seen by anyone.
Its sort of hidden but must still be fast.

In climbing walls, here is one good tips..
Know your route that you are taking. Know all the angle of it.

Exam results were ok i guess..hahax

I shall never again be caught..i think.. n hope so.. unless mr. kumar or ms. thean is reading this... But i doubt they knew my path..=O

Check this video below: