Tuesday, April 30, 2013


commitment is a very important thing.
Whether if you are working or in a relationship,
commitment is crucial.

Sometimes just saying that you are committed is not enough.
You need to actually do something or get things done in order to show that
you have commitment.

Why am I talking about commitment?
Because people now a days lack of commitment
as can be seen in many colleges, not just mine.

My friends from other colleges told me about how
their team members failed in performing their tasks even though some tasks were simple.

Some of those people who lack of commitment in college
may think that they need not be be committed right now.
They think that they can wait til they graduate then only
will they be committed in the things they do.

However, Rome wasn't built in a day...
You do not just become committed one day just because you feel like it.

It takes time to build up commitment,
making it into a habit.

Conversely, not having commitment most of the time
will end up turning it into a bad habit.
And worse case scenario, it will be something permanent,
as the saying goes "old habits die hard".

Commitment comes from passion.
So, find your passion and go on with it.
Do not become one of those lazy people.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The blame game

Why do people blame others for their own dismay?
Well, because it seems easier than having to be responsible for the problem.
Why endanger yourself to such problems?
Why must you put your reputation on the line?
Why not let another person to be accountable for that problem instead?

Have any of you come across situations where you end up blaming another person?
Do not be afraid to admit that you did.
Admitting that you are wrong is a good thing because
that is how you will accept your mistake and learn from it.

I did blame someone before and I was not proud of it.
I was late to meet up with my team members by 1 hour because I overslept.
I end up blaming one of my team members, saying that he send me his work late a night which causes
me to end up having lack of sleep and then waking up late.

That was bad actually,
should have just admitted that I was late without blaming him.
Anyhow, I apologized to him at some point later.
And again I will if I must.

So, many people claim to be a responsible person.
But sadly many of them are not and played the blame game.
Being responsible means to have the courage to admit your mistakes
and to clean up the mess that you had made.

Even though in a situation where you are a leader and it was your member's fault,
it is actually due to your leadership or management failure that cost it.
Being a leader is not just to give instructions and make sure the work is done.
A leader also have to be responsible enough to be accountable for if things go wrong.

If some of you actually watch "The Apprentice",
you will get what I meant.

So, lets not play the blame game.
If you are not responsible enough to take on failure,
then don't be a leader.

Okay, I said quite a lot.
Those sentences above are again based on my opinion and observation.
Feel free to be skeptical about it.hahax..

oh yea, I gave this blog a new look.
The old one looks terrible.

So, if anyone wants me to write about anything,
feel free to comment on my blog, anonymously if you want.
Or email me at kaiyuan9224@gmail.com 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Sometimes I fail to put myself into the other person's shoe.
Not technically the other person's shoe but
what I meant was the other person's point of view.

Often in a heated discussion, people tend to hold on
so dearly and strong to their stand that they fail to look at the other side.
This sometimes can cause them to end up being narrow minded
during a discussion.

Yes, people tend to stop thinking rationally when they get too emotional.
Like myself, I used to have a bad anger management.
So, it took me some time to control that bad behavior of mine.
And it takes effort to change.

From my recent research,
it is because when we get stress,
the limbic system which is a part of our brain which controls our emotions cuts its connection with the
neocortex that  normally performs our rational thinking.
Thus, when we get too emotional, we become unable to think rationally.

Okay, since when I start to become interested in neuropsychology?
hahax.. It started since I begin to become curious of how people think.
I normally like to observe how people will react to certain event of occurrence.

Oppss.., I side track again.
Point being is that,
In order to solve problems, we must first learn on how to control our emotions.
Do not let emotions get the better of you.

okay, its getting  late,
I need to sleep now.
Gonna get back on my feet and start studying.

Monday, April 22, 2013


It is always easy to say that you wanna let go of something.
But it is harder to actually do it.

Because we tend to keep on thinking of letting it go without having to actually
figure out the root cause of why we weren't able to let it go. 

the feeling of keeping something inside you is ain't a pleasant one.
It will swell up in your heart and it will starts to feel heavy inside like a stone.
When that happens, your breathing will get heavier as well.

In a long run, it is definitely not a good practice to let it happen often.
Ppl who experience this very often are prone to get into depression.

And lets jz say depression is not a nice state of mind that any of us will like to be in.

I do sometimes fall into that state coz of stress.
There was once I was studying while working two jobs at the same time.
Oh my.. that was tough.
Balancing all those were really a headache back then.
So, I quit 1 one of my job.

At the end, I decide to focus on my study 100%.
Well, partly because I already gain a lot of experience that I need
throughout the entire ordeal.

life is ain't easy.
If it was, that would be too boring wouldn't it?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The path

Each of us have our own path to follow to begin with.

Some of us may have start of from the same point.
Some of us may end at the same point.
Some of our path might have cross one another.

But all of our paths are different,
which makes us unique.

Nobody should tell you which path to walk.
Its your path after all.

Do not be afraid to be different from others.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The choices that we had made so far

Now, I am quite certain that there is a point in life that all of us will experience to
reflect on the past decisions that we had made.

What do most of those decisions mean to you?
Are most of them full of regrets?
Given a chance, will you go back in time and change one of
those decisions?

Now think, what will your life be if you really had
made the other choice instead of the one you had actually made?
Will it make a huge difference?
Would that make you happier than your current life now?
 How certain are you that it would have made your life better?

One decision can make a lot of differences sometimes.
Even not directly, but surely.
"It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world" - Chaos Theory.

So, what I am saying is that each decision you make is very important,
more important than you know sometimes.
Please think carefully before making a decision.
It may change your life forever.

I am not asking you to just sit down and
regret the decisions that you had made.
It is not too late.

If one decision can make things go wrong, then sometimes
one decision is also all it takes to make things right.

I hope this serves as a motivation to most of you
out there.

The things that I had never told you

There are certain things that I had kept to myself.
I am pretty sure some of you out there did the same.
I am also sure that you all have your reasons for doing so.

We all keep secrets from one another.
That is normal for us human to do so.

After all, we all need our space(Privacy) at times.
I know that I did not update my blog for some time now,
was busy with a lot of things.
Like really busy..

And so, if someone ever keep any secrets from me,
I think it is okay,
even if it were to be someone who is close to me.
Coz I respect that since most of us should have
a valid reason for doing so.

I too had things that I don't tell other people,
most of the reason is because it was not the rite time to tell yet.
Not everyone is ready to hear certain things.
And I am not jz talking about confessions.
But also comments and opinions on certain things or people.
Well, I am still human like the rest of you alrite?haha..

okay, gtg now