Friday, October 1, 2010

today is a good day=)

2day is a good day.
coz its friday=)

So, lets talk bout the people now a days where they start to act aggressive towards others.
Now, when this happens,
words that are as sharp as blades will start coming out..
Sometimes even actions are taken that will hurt another.
But, you may ask.., who is at fault?
Allow me to first explain a few things.
Now lets look at the reasons:
1)Due to disagreements.
2)Due to prejudice.

Now, everyone are different as in way of thinking even the slightest bit due to experience and education from surrounding.
When ppl have different thinking, which cause them to disagree and prejudice.
They end up clashing with others whether big or small clashes.
Thus, everyone will argue, disagree and fight at some point of life even they do not want that to happen.
Who would want to always argue or fight?
Nobody wants it to happen..

Hey, but i am a nobody, thus i will want=)

hahax.. jz jk..
back to the point,
so now, whose at fault?
okay, first of all, in most disagreements, there will be one person(1st) who started it by saying something or doing something.
There will be another person(2nd) who will react to that action or words.

So, many ppl mite say that its the 1st person who was at fault.
Well, both were actually at fault.
1st person could have express things out in a better manner or channel.
2nd person could have control him or herself to react properly towards the 1st person's action.

Either way, both side could have handle it better.
Not saying that arguement can be totally avoided, but reducing its frequency of occurrence and its effect even if it happen.

Not asking you to change overnight though.,
it takes time.
You can move a big mountain to another place by yourself in jz a moment but it takes time.(Not including using big machine or dynamite and stuff)..


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