Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my life without facebook.

well, i stop facebook for a while.
will be back soon=)


And so,
let me continue.
I spend my time during my holidays by reading, watching anime, eating, sleeping and so on.
I even went to the taman tun library.
Please take note that i went there to read not to stare at girls.

Well, sorry for not being the going out with friends type, its jz that i dun really like to be in a group.
Low profile..
no need so troublesome.

I had heard from people who told me:
"Why dun you go out more often?"
"Why dun you get a new phone?"
"Why dun you get a new car?"
"You should go out to many places and try new things and places"
"Why dun you go out watching movies?"

I had a simple answer..
that is money.
You think money fall from the sky??
You think going out no need money?
You think going to places like redbox, greenbox, watching movie, sunway..
all these no need money?

I salute my friend Ben for buying a new phone with the money he earn by working.
that is good.

Ask why dun i jz to get a job??
well, my parents dun let.
and I would prefer to do something else.
not saying those people who work out there are wasting their time.
They have their reasons.
Same goes to me.
I had mine.=)

I would prefer to spend time enhancing my skills and upgrading my value.
Of course, sometimes it ends up me sleeping.XD

Well, i did work but not for money.
I was at the MidValley exhibition hall recently, promoting my college.
Applying my probing, persuading, and communication skills.

And yes, MHui if you are reading this, yup, i felt like i was a conman.
my job is to persuade and bring parents and children in to the booth where the lecturers talk to them.
Its like guiding the lost sheep's into the lair of the wolf.
oh ya, not to mention i also once play the role as the lecturer once coz at that moment they do not have enough councilors.
I somehow pull it off though.hahax

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