Wednesday, November 3, 2010

one hand clap?

well, one hand clap.
wait, if its jz one hand, how to clap?
duh, obviously you need two hands to clap..
same thing goes to relationship.
okay, i think most people is getting a hang on what i am gonna rite on.
This is upon a person who requested it and shall be remain anonymous.
you guys still here??

so, its gonna be about 1-sided love.
coz tis is quie a big topic the next post will be on how to forget that person.
So, let us first go into about 1-sided love, what are the symptoms?

# You are the only one giving out compliments all the time.

# You are the only one telling him or her how adorable his or her is and it seems to bother him or her after a while.

# Goes out with friends, but never asks you out for a drink, dinner or movie!

# Doesn't call unless you call first and initiate the call, THEN he or she calls you back.

# Doesn't give you any news for a few days unless you are the one asking.

# Only will hang out with you if there are other friends there. Will avoid being alone with you.

# when you try to reach him doens't answer his phone. then, the same excuses: (that you always hear: "oops, sorry, forgot my phone at home, in the car, at work, battery is dead, etc, etc.)

# When you ask him if he wants to do something or go somewhere, the answers are never spontaneous. need long time to comes up with the answer(means doubts)

# He or she tells you constantly (to remind you and make sure you DON'T forget), he or she likes being single, doesn't believe in love, was hurt so many times in the past, he or she's not in a hurry, yet you find out a whiles later he or she's met someone new and is totally in love!!==

#Last but not least,he or she Doesn't say goodbye when he or she leaves...=(

wow..., is it jz me, or in my case, most symptom fit in?hahax..

most people are facing this one sided thing as well, many..
i assure that you are not alone.
That is why you need friends.=)
ur hommies, or whatsoever.

okay, so here on will be on the cause of 1 sided love.
1) Already seeing someone else.
2) Old wounds(due to past experience such as betrayal). aka fear of relationship.
3) Know that someone else like you already, so decides to give up on you.
4) just not the right time, not ready yet.
5) Seriously no interest in you.

The 1st one is quite obvious, don't need explaining.., you are 1 step slower.
The second one, needs explanation.
These are the few thoughts they have:
* I've had so many bad relationships and been rejected so many times in the past that I don't want to take that chance again!

* Sooner or later THEY always cheat on you...I'm not going to open myself up for that mess!

* I don't want anybody to have that kind of power over me and my happiness. I'm fine all by myself!

* Being in love makes you act like a fool, just stupid. I don't want to behave like that ever again. I was totally out of control.

Keep in mind that many people are just as afraid of success as they are of failure. They are ruled by fear from the past that haunts them especially being cheated or betrayed before by anyone.
Fear is a real killer of opportunity, success and love. Fearful people play it safe and never take chances or assume risks.
Thus, due to this fear, they choose to play safe and reject you.

Okay, bout the 3rd one.
Usually its about friendship.
He or she knows that his or her friend like you.
He or she doesn't want to destroy that friendship or whatsoever.
Thus, he or she rejects you.
Usually will go as far as to avoid you in this case.

4th one, this is slightly related to the 2nd one.
Just that it maybe due to personal perception that he or she may want to focus on something more important rite now.
Also maybe due to past experience.
But, sadly, quite a lot of people use study and focus on something for now as an excuse.
Concealing their actual reason. Coward i would call these people.
Dishonest if that person is not telling the truth.

5th one, is totally understood that person doesn't have interest in you.
So, just be friends.=)

While i was doing some small research on this,
i kinda remember some of my friends who face this as well.
And it reminds me a lot of things.
Made me notice a lot also.
Avoiding is usually the most common action taken by that person who conceals the reason who choose to be selfish...

So, next post will be on how to deal with it and forget that person.
miss u 24 7.

oh ya, almost 4got.
need 2 thank this few links.
and read more on it if you wanna noe more.
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