Saturday, June 5, 2010


okay, so college was fun.
sort of although the jam was not.
nt the jam u eat with bread, its the traffic jam.
kinda stupid whenever there is an accident.
Malaysians are very concerned type of people when it comes to this.
they stop by to "see" if you are okay.
and cause a major congestion...
whats even funnier is that the opposite traffic is even more congested..
Well, at least you will noe that there is people out there who are concern bout you whenever you encounter an accident.

my car petrol kept burning...
haiz, waste of petrol.. money ah...
traffic jam made it worse.

So, i was in the dojo yesterday,
my sensei last minute told me that i will be replacing someone for a demo in front of the japanese sensei and many people..
i was like
how long i had not practice man?
So, i ask him what kind of technique we will be doing.
He said it will be done spontaneously..
He say just relax and follow.
i was like i am so gonna screw it up..
and so my senior told me one advice, two words..that is " whack only".
i was like saying back two words.."thank you"
dunno hw le, next week demo.
no practice one, its random.

doing c++
relearning it coz i forgot most of it.haiz
busy man typing.

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