Tuesday, September 28, 2010

yo..., back a while..

yes, i am busy with my assignments lately.
so, thus i dun hav time 2 update my blog.
And yes, i am doing tis for the sake of updating.

I hereby proclaim that i had now update my blog.
so gud bye...
still reading??
okay, okay...

updating is a process where I put in some new info.
thats all.

okay la, here it is.
wats with ppl and their religion lately??
i dun mean that its wrong protecting ur religion.
it states there as protecting not fighting other religion.
Protecting is an action that where one shield something from offense or something.
Not asking you to burn down other religion or kill them?
when people were ask why they do that,
they say that they are awakening ppl, showing them the truth...
my balls man...
this is not the way to show it.
it only disgrace your own religion by doing so.
shame on you...
i myself respect other religion.
Everyone has something to believe or something to hold on to.
that thing is called religion or beliefs or some maybe science or self.
You have the right to believe whatever you want but that gives you no right to condemn others...

i gtg man..
busy man talking...

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