Thursday, April 29, 2010

and so..

so, i am back again frm ns for cuti sem.
till tis sun.
damn, i feel tat i screw up lots of things lately.haha
i think i made 1 of my friend hate me..
accidentally la..
ystrdy sleep at 8pm.
so tired.
continue a bit of vb 2 refresh myself a bit.
web browsers..
miss my house, family and friends.
and most of all i am worried bout her.haha


making a web browser is aint easy as it seems.
you need to do lots of things.
using vb doesn't gives me much of the tools and power to make a gud one.
i was thinking of learning, its for internet application or web-based ones.
bt on 2nd thought, since i am gonna finish c++. i mind as well finish it first.
i did a bit of reading, and found out that java can produce a better result in making a web-browser. not only that, it can make an os.
bt of course it needs time la.haha
nt as easy as snapping ur fingers.
i talk too much.
need to continue doing my things.
tis time is different.
i changed a bit.
i plan my time properly.


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