Saturday, November 6, 2010

wat a morning...

okay, this time dun ignore the topic.=)
its quite a morning..
whole body ache..
yesterday, i went to a dojo.
Inside there gt 4 masters.
so, i practice with them.
We was suppose to practice akikai(a branch of aikido).
end up gt jujitsu, kenpo and many more.
i kena hentam, throw, slam 2 the ground, spin spin..., lock.
frm 2pm++ til 6pm.

And that was why my body so pain now.
the way they do things also slightly different.
like the way they break a fall also(aka ukemi).
dun get used 2 it.
so i end up hurting myself a bit also.

it was fun though.
learn quite a lot.
get to understand the flow of force better.

hmm.., then this morning went to church.
I have a reason okay?
i went to ask the pastor some questions to obtain some info.
Since what i will talk concerns about god.
need to confirm some info.

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