Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Speak out when u need to..

In the current modern era where social network is sort of a big hit,
people tend to understand what other people posted differently.

Hence, people tend to judge what other users had posted.
This judgement might change on how the users will be perceive by
their friends, relative, spouse and so on.

Thus, there was a need for being anonymous when posting something
via the net or social network.
I am pretty sure that deep down inside most people do not like to be judge by others.
And then end up being treated differently by others.

So, there was this website that my friends had been working on, that is

It allows users to post what they feel or thought without letting
other people know who they are which protects them from being judge directly.
Users do not have to register to use this website.

The users details will not be request by the website,
I can rest assure you that your anonymity will be kept.

The website also provides the reactions such as "LOL", "I feel you bro" and "Cool story bro".
The writer can also add in tags into the post they wrote
such as "happy", "sad", "complain" and "love".

The website allows people to voice out instead
of keeping most of their dilemma and problems inside them.
It is a terrible feeling to keep too many things inside yourself.


Benjamin said...

just realized you started blogging the same year as me.

Chris said...

hahax.. really?