Sunday, January 1, 2012


how are ya doing?
if yes, then this place is the correct place for you to be.
Else, just continue reading since you are already reading this.

so, here are the list of things that i wanted to do by the end of 2011.
3)make a website
4)learn php and
5)learn c and java
6)learn javascript(heard that it was the IN thing back then)
7)Get 4.0cgpa.
8)get a job.

Things that i manage to do in 2011.
1) learn c#, sql, php,, c, java and javascript.
2) I didn't just make a website, but made two and its for real company and ppl.
3)well, i didn't get 4.0cgpa. Though i was close enough.hahax..
4)Manage to get a job, free-lancing making website.

i guess thats about it.hahax..
oh wait,
things i want to do by the end of 2012.
1)Go further in depth for c#.
2)Create an actual system to be use by a real company.
3)get 4.0 for my lvl2 sem1.
4)learn jsp(java server pages)
5)learn pipelining and some networking things.
6)earn my first 6k??(who noes)
7)I want to gain some weight. =D

okay, i think thats my list for this year.

oh ya, n also to tell her how much i love her.
lol... thats is to my mum who really took care of me since young.
One of the way to repay her is to work hard and maybe do more housework.