Saturday, July 3, 2010

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So, i began to like my college
and dislike driving more and more.
trafic jam kills the joy.
ladies driver..
Not all ok?
can't they just let me go in the lane when the front part of my car is already more than half in..
they still have to speed and almost knock==
luckly i sempat turn back.
that distance from my car to her at first when i gt into the lane was like 2 or 3m.
And she was slow...until my car went in...omg..
horn me some more..
and its not jz one time..many times that my finger lost count..
will it cause you to die if your car have 2 stop a while?
does it really hurts or wound if u let me cut your lane?
If any of you think this is wrong..., go see and experience this for yourself..

But to explain further, there are two type of lady driver when in these situation.
1) the aggressive type.
2) the straight forward type that dunno anything thinking that ppl will see her(innocent type)

So, either way, it causes them not to break to let u in the lane.
And they have the tendency to do emergency break, why?
didn't i just mention that they dun like to stop?
its because they dun like to slowdown and stop,
it causes them to force a emergency break when they get really near the front car.
Thats my theory.
Even the girl in my car also tell me that girls driver are like that.

kk.., putting that aside..
There are two types of driver when they want to cut lane regardless of their purpose.
1) those who are fast enough.
2) those who think they are fast enough.

Its like the theory of social class:
1) poor people struggle hard.
2) rich people think they struggle.

ps: i think this has exceed 500 words.

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