Monday, January 25, 2010

new projects ahead

So, i was thinking that
before i go for c++,
I want to test myself out.
I planned a project using vb6.0
I will upload it when its done.
Its simple but looks okay.

That day i attend my driving class.
Suppose to be only 2hours but due
to some circumstances it became 3hours.
1st hour was ok,
2nd hour start to feel tired,
3rd hour i lost my concentration..
too tired adi.
Aiyo, then the instructor left me alone and ask me to do the usual(
side parking, naik bukit and 3point turn) by myself.
Damn scared coz nobody to help me break tis time if anything.
Some more, i was tired n not able to focus.
haiz.., wat a day it was.

Then the upcoming lesson also will be 3hours.

I did not check my weight recently..
It increased by a lot.
So, i did lots of things to bring it back down.
cardio excercise helps.

back to my project.

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