Tuesday, January 19, 2010

yeah, i did it.

after some hard times of about 5days,
i finally was able to use the property get and let in vb module class.
Ok, it may sound alien to some of you guys or girls.

Well, the some students are having their exam this week.
It will be quite hard i guess.
hmm.., all the best to u all who are having your exam.

I watch quite a lot of anime this few weeks..,
one piece, naruto and many more.
there is this website that has all those anime videos there la.
So, i surf there to watch anime as usual.
The website has a chatbox on the right.
Something caught my eye, its this girl who post something on the chatbox
I look to her profile, and what i saw is this in her profile:
"I am new here and innocent, dun try to hit on me.."
I was like "ya, rite..=="
looking at her pics is obviously she wants attention.
putting "..dun try to hit on me" sound more like "please hit on me"

or is it jz me?
no idea.

back to vb.

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