Sunday, July 20, 2008

dunno wat 2 wrte

wat is d purpose of our existence in our life?
i dunno..
coz each of us serve diff purpose in life..

juz crapin back there..
i dunno wat 2 write..
if u r confuse on which stream u should go,then it can b said tat u came 2 d rite place.
well, basically think of wat u wan n nt others..
dun think tat art stream is lower than science stream..
means tat dun think tat by goin 2 art stream,people wil look down on u...
then again..,its ur choice..
if u hav passion 4 science.., then go 4 science..n vice versa..
dun think tat u r doin this bcoz someone told u so..
its bout time learn 2 make ur own choice..
its nt 2 late 2 turn back.., coz if u hav passion in it,then u can do it..=)

jokes of 4D

1)wat do u hav 2 say when u wan 2 tell a girl tat u like her?
In malaysia style, "eh.., i think i like u la.., can v go steady ah?"(copyrite claim by mun fuong)

2)wat do u hav 2 say when d same sex as u tell u tat he or she like u?
"....,i tell ah.., me n u won't work one..., seriously,k?"(copyrite claim by han seng)

3)when u wan 2 break up..,
"oleh kerana ku cinta pada mu, ku rela dibenci mu daripada menyakit hati mu seumur hidup"

4)when u wan 2 apologies 2 someone special..,
"i am sorry.., i dun mean it... So juz giv me a fortnite.., so i can make things rite"

5)when u haven finish ur homework n ur teacher is about 2 check ur work..
"teacher, can i go 2 d toilet please.., i go some stomach ache.."

6) when someone ask u wether u regret doin it...
"eh..., think i care ah..."(copyrite by chern kit)(jz jokin bout tis sentence,k?)

7)when u hav disturb someone n tat person was about 2 come n gt u..
"dey.., respect urself la please.."(copyrite by wei han)

8) need 2 borrow somethin..
"eh.., pear head.... borrow me la.."(by brandon)

Friday, July 18, 2008

life n lie..

life is full of lie..hahax..
i came wit a statement..
hope no offence..
when a guy lie, its obvious 2 people..
bt when a girl lie, nt many no.. n mayb none noe..
coz guys jz can't tell lie sometimes..
bt girls r sort of outsmart us..
no offence, k?

Sunday, July 13, 2008


there r two boys arround 13 years old who both newly shift to tis school..
and so, boy A spoke to boy B..

boy A:hello,nice 2 meet u.

boy B:...hello..(smile)

boy A:nice 2 meet u, i am XXXXXXXXXX(name has been kept unknown)

boy B: nice 2 meet u 2, i am XXXXXXXXXX

boy A: so whr is ur dad nw since he hav 2 come 2 collect u nw, rite?

boy B:....(tears drop from his eyes like fallin rain)

boy A:Wat is it?

boy B:my father... he is nt here anymore since i was 7..

boy A: omg, i am sorry 2 hear tat.. i did't noe he was...

boy B:NNNOOOOO..., tats nt wat i mean la..

boy A: then wat did u mean?

boy B: i mean tat he is nt here coz he was actually workin oversea for 6 years n did't hav time 4 me n my family..

boy A: i c... , no wonder y u cried..

boy B: well, u should b happy coz ur father is spend time wit u.. When i was 12, n i gt straight A's,
he wasn't there 2 celebrate 4 me.. N when i was 11, i got caught in an accident while he was oversea, he did't even make a call back here juz becoz he was 2 busy...

boy A:dun worry, i am sure things wil eventually turn up fine..=)

boy B: i guess so..

when boy A reach home..

boy B: hello, anyone home?

boy B's mum: hello, happy birthday, XXXXXXXX=)

boy B: thanx.., bt i dun think dad remmber tis, he does tat all d time..

boy B's mum: u sure?

boy B's dad apear from the door..

boy B's dad: hello, guess whose here 2day?

boy B: dad!!!!(over joy)

the end..hehe

so make sure u spend time wit ur family, k?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

live your life with no regrets n believe in god..

as i walk down d alley..
i saw a man wit a dirty clothes n was on a wheelchair.
saddness n regrets is all he can think of as though as his whole life has come 2 an end..
i ask him wat happen 2 him in d past..
so, he said when he was 27 he had a gud job n a stable one..
he was about 2 marry his beloved back there..
he has a loving parents as he was d ony child..
his cousins n their family weren't close to him due to some incident(which he did't wan 2 tell me)
so, on the day before he gt married..
there was tis client which he had 2 go 2 n help at tat very nite coz it was urgent..
so, he went.. leaving his wife 2 b n his family at home.
little did they noe.., there was tis group of armed robbers tat had juz rob a bank five km away..
tat group of robbers were tryin 2 find a place 2 keep their loot.. n they saw a house near by.
they than sneak in 2 d house..
first they saw the man's wife 2 b..
she wanted 2 shout for help as she saw them armed..
bt before she could do so, they.......
It was back where the man had juz finish wit his client..
he heard a news where there was a robbery near his house via d radio..
at once, he rush in to his car..n floor d pedal..
while on his way home, his heart is beatin fast.. n his mind was filled wit thougts n worries bout his family.. he saw flash backs bout his parents from d time they gav him love n bout his wife 2 b..
his life flashes..
he gt distracted n his car crash n he injured one of his leg..
when he woke up in d hospital, n shouted 4 his beloved name..
n ask bout his parents..
d police came in n told him everythin..
he gt shocked 2 hear tat news..
his life shatered like a mirror..
he couldn't take it..
n he felt regreted tat he could hav forgo his job tat nite n stay wit his family..
he thought 0f tat if ony he had.., mayb he could hav prevent tis..
he put all d blame on himself..n life wit regrets..
he gt fired coz he did't go for work for bout three months..
eventually, time passes by..
n so, here he is nw here talkin 2 me rite nw..
i told him tat he should keep his life moving..
wat had happen three years ago had happen..
4gt d past n move forward..
i told him tat it wasn't his fault..
n wat bout his life?
i told him tat things happen 4 a reason n arrange by god..
n nobody wants tis 2 happen either..
he took my words.., n gt on 2 his wheelchair..
two weeks later.., i was walkin down d same alley..
bt i did't saw him tis time round..
as i walk further, i saw a familiar figure across d street..
it was him.. bt he is standin n there was another unfamiliar figure beside him..
he soon approach me.., n said thank u.
he said tat he had tot back of wat i had said..,
two weeks ago,he try 2 gt up from his wheelchair..
n he successfuly did..
he said it was juz an psychology effect on his leg injury all tis while..
he then spoke again n tell me tat d happiest thing of all is tat his beloved gt out of coma last week..
i was happy 2 hear tat..=)

The story tat has been suspend.(tis part has been cut out 2 make d story suspend)(please read tis after u had read d above)
(continue from line number 17 )
bt before she could do so, they knock her down n she fell on the floor which causes her head 2 bleed..(cause her 2 hav coma)
the man's parents heard a sound n came in 2 d kitchen..
they were shot...(pass away n the man kneel at their grave for d three months which causes him not 2 work coz of his regrets..)
his wife almost pass away 2 bt was in coma n in a critical situation..
he was sad all his life leavin in d darkness wit no light nor shadow...
fill wit loneliness..
bt light came by n shine his darkness.
he believe in god tat made light exist in his darkness..
he had a happy life at d end wit his beloved n appriciate her n learn tat he should put his
family first b4 his work..=)
the end....

i dun think i wrote a gud story her so help me 2 improve it via comments..=)