Sunday, January 31, 2010

lookingt back.. and going back..

After my spm,
I look through my past.

Then i rmb about chess.
How long i haven't touch it.
And how long i had not sharpen my skills since form1.
I miss those days..
Days where i learn what it means to not give up when all is lost.
What it means to lose..
And what it means to win.

I ask her for an advice,
whether a not if i should continue to pick up from where i left.
and she gave me quite a good reply.

So, i will be practicing,
I know chance of winning are as slim as 0.5%.
Cause i had been outdated.
Its different when u play outside and msskl.
I will be joining an open tournament.
Dunno when yet.
mayb 21st of feb.


Friday, January 29, 2010

And so..

i screw up my bio clock.
Sleep at 4am, wake up at 11am..

I slack a lot in vb.
Coz keep on reading manga.

I spend my time 2day(5hours)
looking at the pseudo code of the vb.
than, i finally understand...
I am such a slow learner in this..
many ppl can do even better than me..
bt i will keep trying.

i would also like to tell all my friends that are working out there
all the best to them, especially moses and levi who were selling korean face mask.

For those who started foundation or college or A-lvl.
All the best 2. And dun be too stressful.

I am still static here.
y.k who is trying to get a life, all the best 2 him 2.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ahh..., deadline ahead..

so giving a myself a deadline seems quite pressuring.
Feeling the pressure now.

Only have time till sunday nite.

anyone noe any good tutorial for
ADO in vb6?


Monday, January 25, 2010

new projects ahead

So, i was thinking that
before i go for c++,
I want to test myself out.
I planned a project using vb6.0
I will upload it when its done.
Its simple but looks okay.

That day i attend my driving class.
Suppose to be only 2hours but due
to some circumstances it became 3hours.
1st hour was ok,
2nd hour start to feel tired,
3rd hour i lost my concentration..
too tired adi.
Aiyo, then the instructor left me alone and ask me to do the usual(
side parking, naik bukit and 3point turn) by myself.
Damn scared coz nobody to help me break tis time if anything.
Some more, i was tired n not able to focus.
haiz.., wat a day it was.

Then the upcoming lesson also will be 3hours.

I did not check my weight recently..
It increased by a lot.
So, i did lots of things to bring it back down.
cardio excercise helps.

back to my project.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moving on..

ok, now..
i am done with Visual basic.
So, i will now move on with C++
Already download it.
Now finding some good tutorials.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

yeah, i did it.

after some hard times of about 5days,
i finally was able to use the property get and let in vb module class.
Ok, it may sound alien to some of you guys or girls.

Well, the some students are having their exam this week.
It will be quite hard i guess.
hmm.., all the best to u all who are having your exam.

I watch quite a lot of anime this few weeks..,
one piece, naruto and many more.
there is this website that has all those anime videos there la.
So, i surf there to watch anime as usual.
The website has a chatbox on the right.
Something caught my eye, its this girl who post something on the chatbox
I look to her profile, and what i saw is this in her profile:
"I am new here and innocent, dun try to hit on me.."
I was like "ya, rite..=="
looking at her pics is obviously she wants attention.
putting "..dun try to hit on me" sound more like "please hit on me"

or is it jz me?
no idea.

back to vb.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

today is sunday.

So, i did something for a change.
i attended one of my friend's church for the youth thing.
It was fun.
Playing those games.
Meet people.
Nice people there.
The people there are not hard-sale like some other church which will keep pursuing you to join their church and receive god.
So, i feel ok there.

aiya, stuck again in vb.
Property get and let.
Its quite confusing..


Friday, January 15, 2010

Google save me always..

Ok, finally i understand why i wasn't able to do the module class in vb.
I will post it next time.
Thanx 2 google.
This will be a short post.

hmm.., the ubuntu so far no crash.
Quite stable, its free.
It uses python programing.=)
I was thinking of learning that after vb.
I think i can finish the vb book by tmr nite.

Panda 2010 makes ur com freaking slow. =(


kai introduces ubuntu 9.1

yo, i finally got my hands on the ubuntu cd=)
trying it out.
nt bad though.

here are some screenshots and pic.

as you can see at the side, its wat is shows when u start up your com.
The white light wasn't due to my camera or light lighting. Its like that one.
Quite nice coz my this com is using quite an old monitor though.
You can also see a few buttons bellow the screen.

As you can see, this is what you see after you log in, damn many function. Haven try all yet.
can lock screen and many more.

This one allows you to customize the desktop. Its quite a lot things you can do. You can add a lot of visual effects. I didn't put any yet coz my this com is quite old.

This is like their 'paint' program. Its damn good.

Thats bout it for now. coz i lazy to type so much.
I want to explore more first as well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So, it was the day i went to listen the teori.
and for the pratikal.

It was the first time i drive.
i nvr drive a car nor did i rode a motorbike before.
It was sort of scary at the first minute.
But, when you start to know the timing of the car's clutch,
it begins to get fun. trust me=)
Some advice were given from my friends as well, such as c.k, yit kenn and monk-ed.
i still quite noob in driving though.

Aside that, me and two of my friends went to school to help the teacher in the lab again. This time we soft of did less work and we got demoted from having pizza and mcd to nasi goreng.
I hope tmr will be better.
I also help my friend's sis who had some problem with her pc.
I went there test things out. Switch the ram slot, plug out all the wire, wait for 5minutes, then plug it all in. tada, its fix somehow.
amazing.., i wonder where did i get tis ability?
Ya, i do it for free.
coz i want to gain experience. Not go n c leng lui.
dun get me wrong ><

I want to put up some vb tutorial in youtube.
what do u think?

Money is not the root of all evil.
Its greed.. or to be more precise(accurate)..its actually us human ourselves.
Dun blame it on money, its us.

I am now once again stuck in vb. The last part of the book.
Its bout class modular. anyone can help?

recently at my housing area kept on putus electric.
TNB doing some work? should have inform us.
My com kept offing due to it.
Lucky no blue screen.


Friday, January 8, 2010


and so....
during the holidays..
i tot of getting a job..
bt my dad says make sure the job will
giv me experience in my future.

So, i went to my school..
ask my ict teacher if there is anything i can do to help.
There were things to be done as the school receive 42 new pc.
Yes, with 2gb ram, 200gb hardrive space.
first day, me, yit kenn and c.k went to school.
at least it wasn't that boring..
We had free pizza for lunch.
2 large pizza for us.=)
The last piece of pizza was left..,
unable to decide who gets the last piece..,
and so we settle it like men..
Playing a childish game to decide it.

Second day, it was only me..
at least got the lab assistance to teman me.
hmm.., free mcd for lunch.

I was thinking to ask my teacher whether i could work there part time.
I dun mind bout the pay.
As long as my heart n stomach is content.
I am cool with it=)
Work for free, eat for free, drink for free, and breath for free.
whats there to lose?
I recently go to my friends house to fix pcs.
I realize all techi has a type of aura.
When you go there, suddenly the pc can work like normal..
i dun do miracle though nor am i a pc doctor..
bt i do giv hope.
So, my current status:

1)Single(open for

i am thinking of a project using vb combining with database.
Any idea for me?

Sunday, January 3, 2010


so, i spent my time at home.
Training back all my basic work out in order to get back the
strength i hav 2 years ago.
rite nw i ony can do 150 sit ups in 1 go.

i spent my time doing vb.
took me 1 hour to learn to connect a database to vb.
beginner in it.
anyone can also do it.

I miss the school a bit.
Those days where i climb the wall like nothing everyday.
knowing all the routes.
meeting my friends there.
being at home is fun.
coz i dun often get to be at home last time.
always at school n at my aunt house.

gt 2 continue my lesson on vb.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

me and my crazy idea.

Well, i went to monk-ed house.
We talk lots of crap.
One of it that caught in my mind is that about the linux os.
i was thinking, if can learn to tweak linus os such as ubuntu.
wouldn't it be great?
big dreams
talk is cheap.
So, i ordered a ubuntu cd.
Waiting for it.haha

I was thinking of creating a web browser as well.
but dunno la.
talk only.
dunno will do a not.
Still sick a bit.
i sort of stop facebook a bit.
came to my senses.