Monday, October 4, 2010

the bitter truth..

wait, why did i put this topic??
you guys thought i am going to write about myself?
nah.., in your face..
eh.., still here ah??

ok lo.., i shall proceed.
sometimes when a person suddenly changes his or her way of treating you,
at that time, you have to take up the courage to ask the person.
don simply assume things.
Things might not what you expect it to be.
But also make sure you are ready for whatever answer you get.

Well, some people ignore you out of sudden, avoiding as in.
This kind of people sometimes think that in that way, they can avoid.
But to the person they avoid.., will think differently.
Some may think that why is that person acting that way?
Did I do anything wrong?
or say anything wrong??
silence is golden at times, but silence can also be like an assassin of the night.
That person will feel sad not because of being avoided or whatsoever but sad that he or she did not know what had he or she done wrong for this to happen.

maybe next post is about ICT.

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