Thursday, March 11, 2010

dunno wat 2 name tis post..

here is another fact bout me..
i can....cook.
okay, for those who had start laughing or maybe rolling on the floor in tears,
go on.haha
seriously, i can cook.
of coz simple dishes la.
nt the cook like the one u saw in those movies tat can make the food tester stun for few

okay, so i gt my spm result.
went to moses house in the morning.
n gt on to monk-ed's car tat has 2 tires and two engine.
all the way to school.
mati enjin
stupid school, i gave back my buku pinjaman long ago.
then when i gt there, they say i can't take my result coz i had not gave back..
i had to find the teacher whom i gave back the book to.
bt the teacher said she dunno who i am. =="
luckly there is one teacher who rmb tat i gave back the book.
i got 1A, 4A-, 3B+, 1B.
at least those subjects tat i care gt A-.
ict, bi, bm, math, add math.
i can't memories things..., more like i am lazy to memories things.haha
it was quite satisfying for me.
i also pass my driving test by luck.
c.k's advice was to gas only.
so, it somehow helped.


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