Thursday, December 23, 2010

well, sorry..,hahax

its been a long time since i made an update.
well, sorry.
still here?
wokay, here i go.

When we were young, we were taught to be honest and not so self-centered.
But as time passes by, we tend to learn more about ourselves.
getting to understand our own better.
in that process, we might do things that other people may not like.
they call our action selfish.
But if you were to look from another angle(dun look behind your monitor),
they do not want us to do things that they dislike or displease them.
Does that means they are selfish as well?
well, so are they themselves.
I do not admit that I or you are not selfish.
Everyone is.
That is a fact.
The question is how selfish are you?
However, let me put it this way,
a person's action may displease you, yes it does sometimes.
That cannot be avoided.
However to suffer from it, angry about it or feeling depress from it is an option.
You choose to be angry.
You choose to suffer.
You choose to be depress.
Its an option.

As i has mention before,
whatever happens or problem that occur,
it doesn't really matter.
coz what counts is that how do you take it?
Everything is an option that you make.

You make the choice, then the choice makes you=)

next will be about fate.

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