Thursday, February 18, 2010

a great cny.

so, during cny.
2 of my friends namely ben and c.j came 2 my house.
Well, we had lots to talk about and played a lot.
had a great time with them.

okay, nw is the time for me 2 put in more effort after a good rest.=)

I actually had some target i wanna achieve before i start my foundation in apiit/ucti.
1)Gonna nt play dota 4 1 month.(done that during january)
2)win 5 times consequently in garena.(done that rite after january)
3)finish vb6.0(done tat during january)
4)finish c++ (doing it now)
5) either learn java or SQL( haven done yet)
6)get my driving license(haven yet)

As you can see, things are pretty pack here.haha
so, i got to be fast.
coz time is a limited asset to us human.
use it wisely and not being a liability to others(sounds like an accountant)


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