Tuesday, June 1, 2010


ermm.., met many ppl in college.
a few funny guys..
made it lifely i guess.
hmm.., nt as boring as school.
more fun there.
made a few friends there.
btw, i am studying in ucti in case some of u dunno.
its somewhere in bukit jalil.

feel sleepy.
driving in the rain is sleepy.
no fun. =(

When i was in buddha class, i learn a lot too.
Its like respecting others is important.
And when something happen, look at yourself to see if its your fault first thing first.
In your heart there live 3 brothers,
Greed, anger, and confusion(makes you can't differ from right and wrong).
If you can control all 3 of these, i say u pro.

and real monk only come out in the morning till 12am if i am nt wrong,
and they come in group.
I learn how to meditate as well.
not easy. coz my dorm very noisy.

jz for the sake of updating this blog.

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