Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 post in one day.

its been long i had done 2 post in one day.
gonna talk a bit bout tis week.
So, i did a car pool with my college friends.
its good.
at least i dun need to drive a lot.
save petrol=save money. =)
have to fetch my friend back sometimes as well.
she stay near, so nvm.

okay, there is this time when i went out to eat.
there is this group of gals sitting beside my table,
at 1st i tot tat it is jz me tat i think one of them is looking at me.
then, a few times it happens.
and i caught once. And i got a funny reaction when she turn her head looking away.haha
what i meant is that, if u have something to say, just say it. i need to eat peacefully without having the feeling of being stare.
you noe, it feels uncomfortable.

Well, KB school karnival damn sienzzz.
my bro there, so i hav 2 go.
haiz, waste my time there.
my junior could not recognise me
coz of my look now,
its different..

i think i have 2 do back meditation.
or not no energy next day.
believe it or not,
meditation improves your body regeneration as well.
it keeps u focus.=)


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