Thursday, February 25, 2010

things tat i did in the past few weeks and days..

well, during cny..
there was one night,
i take a walk around my neighborhood.
wat i did was greet anyone i see happy chinese new year..
this action was nt 4 the sake of getting angpau.
most of them respond back to me by wishing me back.
some jz smile back maybe coz got no words to say..

i had been doing c++ past few weeks.
was fun as usual.
it was because i noe visual basic, thats y i dun really have much problem recently.
bt i gt a feeling that a big problem will come up to me.
thats the time where i have to put lots of effort and patience.

here is a little thing bout fighting or whatever u called it.
bet u didn't expect i noe anything bout it.
hmm..., in a fight, whether boxing, sparring, or anything.
a feint move or known as a fake move is quite dangerous.
its not the feint itself that is dangerous.
is the hit(punch, kick or anything else) that comes rite after the feint.
Cause if a person knows where he or she is about to be hit, he or she is more prepared and take less damage and shock.
but if it is a hit that u didn't expect or dunno where it comes from, it will deliver a blow strong enuf to damage u not only physically but also mentally.
One of the ways to so called deal with feints is that u look ur whole opponent as one object.
That way you could clearly see whats actually coming.
it need lots of experience though.
Some pro can throw feints at you without much movements.
Of course, some feints may be obvious.

hmm.., thats bout it..
wat a random thing to right about 2day.

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