Thursday, November 4, 2010

forget me not=(

Continuation from previous post..

Forgetting something normal like task is easy.
But ain't that easy when it comes to forgetting a person.
Especially if you do have feelings for that person.
Well, its worse if that person is your school mate or classmate.
Have to face that person everyday.
Cannot avoid one.haha..
A quotes “It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone - but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.”.
No matter how satisfied you think you are to move on and get over that person, that you have to ask how to do it all, only will shows that it's going to be a painful process..

You might think you've gotten rid of that person.., only for you to start thinking about him or her after a year or two, you have feelings of pain and sadness again.
That's cause your heart is not with you. Its beyond your control.
That is your emotions that influence you.
But with emotions, that is what make us more human.
kinda sad right?

hoho.. agree with that?
for people who didn't face this might not get it.
for people who did, will.

oppss.., tersidetracked...
my bad..

okay, steps:

# Start liking someone else quick. In this position of depression, you are very vulnerable to emotional attacks. Liking someone else will distract you from that person. But when i said liking means not love okay? its like socialize with them. Get to know more new people.=)

# Cry out everything you have to cry about! When we get hurt, it's normal (and good) to cry. Don't ever think you're being weak for crying and don't feel embarrassed because of it! It's normal and it's good! you let go, when you cry. You can lock yourself in a room, if you want to, and put on some sad music...but let yourself feel the pain and cry so you can let it go.

# Its not easy but you have to know that friendship is friendship, relationship is relationship. Two different thing. Split this two. It will help you if that person is a close friend of yours.

#If you start to think about that person, then think about someone else. Someone hotter or better=)

#Spend time with your friends. Go out and have fun.

#If you are a student, get yourself busy with assignments and exams studies. Your degree is more important.

#Delete all those old pictures, sms, and chat history. This one is important. Coz the moment you see any of these, it will remind you.

#Take good care of yourself. Women tend to run for some kind of self-destruction when they're hurt. So if you're hurt, just try to use your pain for yourself instead of against you. Go to the gym, work out a lot, and use those energy of pain on something else.

#Last but not the best, you have to stop blaming you or that person for this to happen. You need to gain back your confidence. Do something that reminds you who you once were. Such as art, dance, workout, tweaking, positive observations..hahax..

thats all. dun wanna make it too long.

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