Friday, January 8, 2010


and so....
during the holidays..
i tot of getting a job..
bt my dad says make sure the job will
giv me experience in my future.

So, i went to my school..
ask my ict teacher if there is anything i can do to help.
There were things to be done as the school receive 42 new pc.
Yes, with 2gb ram, 200gb hardrive space.
first day, me, yit kenn and c.k went to school.
at least it wasn't that boring..
We had free pizza for lunch.
2 large pizza for us.=)
The last piece of pizza was left..,
unable to decide who gets the last piece..,
and so we settle it like men..
Playing a childish game to decide it.

Second day, it was only me..
at least got the lab assistance to teman me.
hmm.., free mcd for lunch.

I was thinking to ask my teacher whether i could work there part time.
I dun mind bout the pay.
As long as my heart n stomach is content.
I am cool with it=)
Work for free, eat for free, drink for free, and breath for free.
whats there to lose?
I recently go to my friends house to fix pcs.
I realize all techi has a type of aura.
When you go there, suddenly the pc can work like normal..
i dun do miracle though nor am i a pc doctor..
bt i do giv hope.
So, my current status:

1)Single(open for

i am thinking of a project using vb combining with database.
Any idea for me?

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