Friday, January 15, 2010

kai introduces ubuntu 9.1

yo, i finally got my hands on the ubuntu cd=)
trying it out.
nt bad though.

here are some screenshots and pic.

as you can see at the side, its wat is shows when u start up your com.
The white light wasn't due to my camera or light lighting. Its like that one.
Quite nice coz my this com is using quite an old monitor though.
You can also see a few buttons bellow the screen.

As you can see, this is what you see after you log in, damn many function. Haven try all yet.
can lock screen and many more.

This one allows you to customize the desktop. Its quite a lot things you can do. You can add a lot of visual effects. I didn't put any yet coz my this com is quite old.

This is like their 'paint' program. Its damn good.

Thats bout it for now. coz i lazy to type so much.
I want to explore more first as well.

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