Sunday, October 24, 2010

i wasn't thinking bout me, i was thinking bout us...

as the usual, ignore the topic.
It was meant to be eye-catching.
still here ah? ok lo..

My right wrist is pain now..
so won't be able to type much.hahax..

okay, today will be on worry.
Some of us when we do things, such as task, projects.., we tend to be thinking on what the worse may happen.

lets talk a bit on fear, paranoid...
Our ancestors in their days, survival is important.
In order to survive, they would go as far as not only to adapt the environment fast but also to take many precautions.

These things had been passed down to many generations and finally to us(the current one).
So, most of us, whenever we are alone, we tend to be paranoid, feeling of being followed or sense of danger. Thus, its normal to feel so.
So, from those things, that are passed down, wanting to survive causes us to fear and take precautions. Thus, making us feel even more vulnerable at times.
This causes us to worry.

Well, i read this somewhere in a book that i forget.
Anywayz, sometimes these feelings(worries) are too much, unnecessary thus causes us to feel down.
Well, it won't be that obvious, because it won't only be one factor contributing to it but many problems or things or situation in life that we face, it accumulates and stack up.

That is why you can see someone down for no reason at times, especially females.
Its an accumulate effect. So, when this happens, they will find someone to release on, someone close i guess.
Release can be a talking kind of release form or sometimes can be like picking on that person(scolding, showing dislike..and etc).

Okay, i had sidetrack a bit.
So, as many of you may know, our ancestors travel in tribes(group) to hunt or whatsoever.
Again, this had been passed down to us.
That explain why most of us want to be a part of a group, sense of belonging.
When you are in your teenage, you would like to be in a group.., adapting to it.
Changing yourself to suit them, fearing or worrying that you will be left out by them.
Us humans, had the tendency to feel vulnerable when we are alone.
Thus, we associated ourselves with a group of people that hopefully may or had accept us.
So, sometimes, in the process of changing yourself to suit them, there might be some feeling of unhappiness or discomfort.
This is actually because you are deviating away from your "trueself"...

Naturally, one will feel "that", coz its like being someone else you are not!!

hoho.. hw many of you ever face this before? please raise your hand up..
okay, so now how many of you are lying??hahax..jz jk..

anyway, oppss... i sidetrack again.
This is what happens when i dun have a proper title..ha..

Continuing what i had wrote, many people then change to gain acceptance of others.
After being accept into the group, another type of worry arose...
life is kinda sad rite? wanna be happy bt yet another sad thing surface up.

There is then a thing called "pressure" that exist within the group.
Okay, imagine everyone dun wanna be left out by the group they had work so hard to get into..
They do not want to do something that is againts or opposite of what the group do.
Or sometimes fear of saying the wrong thing or wrong action..
Example, rejecting an offer to go out with them to hangout.
Coz if they do that, they might be treated like an outcast(outsider) by their very own group they cling on to.

Although there is actually not much pressure, most people create this pressure from their own..internal paranoid...self generated worries..

All these pressure whether by internal and external force on the very individual itself.. that is you...

Okay, here comes the hard part, many people fail to handle these pressure.
And thus worries it then became.
(i sound so shakespearish..haha)

People who end up having too much thing to worry, end up suffer from depression..
Some may show, some may not.
Effect of depression may lead to many things..
Okay, i will talk on this next time.

So, what i can say is that feeling of worry, sadness, being hurt(whether being troll or not), and all sort of other negative feelings..all these are not avoidable..
You will at least get hit by one.
Whats more important is that "how are you gonna handle it?"..
That is more important..

To put it simple,
One cannot avoid sadness or being hurt, but one can however choose whether to suffer from it or not...

okay, i noe i am acting like i am all wise and
i was trying 2 gain acceptance..hahax..jz jk..
i dun need a fix group..
a lone wolf that hunts alone.

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