Sunday, November 30, 2008

inflation part 2...

first let me explain some consequences of inflation..
ok, it all starts from fuel(petrol n diesel)..ya, everybody noes that so i dun need 2 go 2 detail..

When the fuel increase, the big consumers of it for example fisherman, lorry workers, and mainly those that gt 2 do a lot of transportation(transportation provider).
When that happen, they will have 2 pay more money for the fuel for the same amount of things they transport...(refer 2 the post "inflation")..
So, in order to cover up the cost, they increase their price also(which sumtimes they bring up the price too much, please refer to the post "inflation")..

ok, so what happens now is that for those people or company that used their transportation would also hav 2 pay more bt for the same amount of things they want.

So, the company n people who bought from those transportation provider, would also do the same by increasing their product price to their consumers..

All, this goes on and on you see..
This is what we called a "domino effect"..(similar to a domino falling down frm the beginning n so on n on til the end.)

But as for this, at the end of the day, this domino effect will ends up going back to the transportation provider who increase their price in d first place. Reason being? ok, here is it, Since those transportation provider are also human which they also need to eat, drink, place to stay, and therefore they are also consumers of products and services as well.. Hence, they also will consume product and services from other company and places which had also increase their price. In other words, the transportation provider will also feel the effect of the inflation.

ok, understand that?

Now, the fuel price in Malaysia had reduce, But many idiots didn't want to reduce their price also.. They gav a lot of reason like wait and see others first..
Kinda think of it, they are good at giving reasons when it comes 2 increase their price but also good at giving reasons not to reduce their price when the fuel price goes down.

If they start to reduce their price then others also wil hav to as well. This is bcoz when people these days are looking for low cost.. So if the price is cheaper then a lot people wil go there and less people at those place which are expensive.
So, it will force those who increase their price to reduce it.

Anyway, look at the guy who owns AirAsia. I think that he is a pro in managing finance. He is also very gud at taking opportunity like right now when people are increasing their price whereas he isn't. Instead, he further reduces it.

Look forward 2 my next post..., c ya in the next dunno hw many days..

Monday, November 24, 2008


Sorry that the image is a small, please view it if u can't c it clearly.

As you have seen the chart above...,
This is an example of what that had happen in inflation.
The original price of a shop selling Laksa mee was RM4.00
But after inflation, It rises up to RM5.60..increase by 40% as the fuel increase by 40%..

But here is a clearer picture of what was suppose to happen..

As I think you kinda get what i mean, the price of the laksa mee should only increase by its transportation price. Which totals up that the actual price of the laksa mee after increase is RM4.20.

Sadly, most of the stall and places that sells things also did the same as shown as what happen in the first graph. Most of the kedai runcit also did the same but in actual fact that the transport price is the one that increase.

Anyway, thankful that our fuel price drop.. But sadly again the people who had increase their price by an exact 40% did not reduce and giving all sorts of reason..

Hope u agree wit me..thanx..
If i am wrong, please do tell me..

Friday, November 21, 2008


hmm..., more n more fake heroes came out..
such as clockwork goblin..
But, of course i am not 2 talk about those 2day..

i want to share some of my strategy..
well, i am jz a beginner..., so do tell me if i wrote sumthing wrong..

Shadow Shaman..
hmm..., usually i will pump up the shackles and voodoo..
For those who want to farm, they can up forked lightning bt i dun think its gonna help much in a hero kill..
Although some people mite say that u can use shackles wit forked lightning.., but i dun quite agree.. Forked lightning needs 10s cooldown bt if u use it while shackles it won't go rite as shackles ony last for 4.75s(max).
If you up voodoo and shackles till u r level5, and when u go 6 u up ur ultimate.
By the time u do that, lets say u use ur ultimate, then u voodoo the enemy and shackles it again rite afta the voodoo wears off. In total of 6seconds,(2s voodoo n 4s shackles), since there are 8 serpents, each does 43damage. 43x8x6=2064damage.
hmm..., lets jz say if ur enemy has armor of 5, i think he still mite die since if both r level6. Unless, ur enemy is gud in farming.

i think its best to max ur third skill first, to chase hero when they are low hp.
it would b scary.. hmm..., ur second skill jz up it a bit(usefull for farming).
As for ur first skill u can cast it on an enemy wit less than 100hp. U can also use it on Inti hero(silence them coz it won't allowed them 2 use any skill).
U can use it on Pudge when he use rot(hahax.. So that Pudge can't turn rot off).

This hero is a gay hero if u noe how 2 use it..
It has high hp. Hook, u up hook and rot at the beginning. Here is an advice, hook hero that are range hero(non melee attack hero), becoz when they are shooting they will stay in one spot. Once you hook, then u rot and wack him.
Ur ulti is the killing one, having to stop ur enemy for 3s-5s wit 75-150damage persecond. Imagine if u hook and enemy and on ur rot then u use ur ulti on it..

Of coz if ur enemy is a pro.., then these mite not work..hahax..dun blame me if it doesn't work.

yo, guys....

yo, i am sorry 2 taiko tat i did't update..
i gt my own problem u see...
well, basically i am not all that lucky guy..
i wanted to update it before this but hmm..., i was busy studying form5.
i am a slow learner so i noe that i had ta start fast in order 2 catch up.
not ony form5, bt i gt 2 learn database..

When i thought that i could go out and get some fresh air by playin basketball bare foot, i was wrong..
At the end of playing basketball, I realize that my feet's epidermis(below my foot) came out..
ya, I noe i could see my own basically it seems like it gonna open even bigger...
i quickly patch it back hoping that it would stick to the dead skin for a while.
I went back to my aunty house. It hurts...(jz imagine ur feet has lost one layer.
i jz put a few handy-plus..
It feels its gonna fall apart.
dude, it sucks and i regret playin basketball bare foot.
To make things worse, my mum gt freak out when she ask my dad 2 c a doc.
The doctor remove an even bigger part of my feet's skin..
and here i am now.., finally gt 2 walk n go 2 d com..hahax..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What is a hacker?

The Jargon File contains a bunch of definitions of the term ‘hacker’, most having to do with technical adeptness and a delight in solving problems and overcoming limits. If you want to know how to become a hacker, though, only two are really relevant.

There is a community, a shared culture, of expert programmers and networking wizards that traces its history back through decades to the first time-sharing minicomputers and the earliest ARPAnet experiments. The members of this culture originated the term ‘hacker’. Hackers built the Internet. Hackers made the Unix operating system what it is today. Hackers run Usenet. Hackers make the World Wide Web work. If you are part of this culture, if you have contributed to it and other people in it know who you are and call you a hacker, you're a hacker.

The hacker mind-set is not confined to this software-hacker culture. There are people who apply the hacker attitude to other things, like electronics or music — actually, you can find it at the highest levels of any science or art. Software hackers recognize these kindred spirits elsewhere and may call them ‘hackers’ too — and some claim that the hacker nature is really independent of the particular medium the hacker works in. But in the rest of this document we will focus on the skills and attitudes of software hackers, and the traditions of the shared culture that originated the term ‘hacker’.

There is another group of people who loudly call themselves hackers, but aren't. These are people (mainly adolescent males) who get a kick out of breaking into computers and phreaking the phone system. Real hackers call these people ‘crackers’ and want nothing to do with them. Real hackers mostly think crackers are lazy, irresponsible, and not very bright, and object that being able to break security doesn't make you a hacker any more than being able to hotwire cars makes you an automotive engineer. Unfortunately, many journalists and writers have been fooled into using the word ‘hacker’ to describe crackers; this irritates real hackers no end.

The basic difference is this: hackers build things, crackers break them.

If you want to be a hacker, keep reading. If you want to be a cracker, go read the alt.2600 newsgroup and get ready to do five to ten in the slammer after finding out you aren't as smart as you think you are. And that's all I'm going to say about crackers.

The Hacker Attitude

1. The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved.
2. No problem should ever have to be solved twice.
3. Boredom and drudgery are evil.
4. Freedom is good.
5. Attitude is no substitute for competence.

Hackers solve problems and build things, and they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual help. To be accepted as a hacker, you have to behave as though you have this kind of attitude yourself. And to behave as though you have the attitude, you have to really believe the attitude.

But if you think of cultivating hacker attitudes as just a way to gain acceptance in the culture, you'll miss the point. Becoming the kind of person who believes these things is important for you — for helping you learn and keeping you motivated. As with all creative arts, the most effective way to become a master is to imitate the mind-set of masters — not just intellectually but emotionally as well.

Or, as the following modern Zen poem has it:

To follow the path:
look to the master,
follow the master,
walk with the master,
see through the master,
become the master.

So, if you want to be a hacker, repeat the following things until you believe them.

hmm..., i gt all this frm tis website "". so please go to that website for more info.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ying and Yang

yo, before I start.., well here is a little of what I had something to say.
i think i failed my exam. hmm.., wanna noe something else? during my moral exam..,
i ask the teacher permit to go to the "toilet". After going to the toilet, i went to the canteen to eat coz i haven eat yet.. then i return back to class staring at my empty paper and begin writing..(i manage to finish it of coz)

This is the link to a video shooting for the E-education for the goverment by 4D

hmm.., back to what you are here today..,

hmm..., still recall what i wrote on my last post?
if not, then read the post below. so as for new comers.

in Ying and Yang, there is a bit of different.
Its just a bit more complex.

In a black spot, there is a white dot.
what does it means?
hmm.., it means that in a bad side, there is also definitely has a small part a gud side in it. Same goes as the white spot that has a black dot that means that in a gud side, there is still some small bad part in it.
In this theory, its all balance if you realize.
The black and white colour as u know.

its easy to draw it, first draw a circle, second write an alphabet "S".
Third, draw a small circle in the "S" and another one wit a round dot.
then jz shade d part that has the white circle black.

couldn't write much, coz gt exam.