Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moving on..

ok, now..
i am done with Visual basic.
So, i will now move on with C++
Already download it.
Now finding some good tutorials.


winyee said...

look at ur profile.ur nt 17 anymr lorx.

Btw,my name is winyee.21 Jan 2010 we juz met at t skull libary.

Do u reali 1 some 1 2 teach u chinese.Dun worry, im nt tat expert i guess.

I nid some 1 2 teach me ICT N AM oso.I hate AM.Tat's y I hv 2 study.tq.

kai said...

ohh, i noe u.
hahax.. c how la.
hmm.., the ict ah?
i nt tat gud in teachin ict.haha
bt if u dun understand anythin bout ict,
u can ask me=)