Saturday, February 28, 2009


What lies in the end upon a man's life and fear?
Is "Death"
Many of us here are afraid of death.
It is not the process that is fearful only.
The meaning of death also means the erase of existence.
Its what most of us mainly fear of.
I want to die in the coolest way or die protecting.

I been think i almost experience death twice.
1) When i was five years old,
Had an accident, but was send to my grandma house instead of a hospital cause the driver doesn't want to be held responsible. But i don't blame him. Its not like anyone want this to happen, rite? As soon as a kind man with his car pass through us, he took me and my grandma to the hospital. I couldn't make it in time. When i was in the icu(intensive care unit), the doctors told my family to prepare for the worse cause ten out of ten cases like this ends up dead. Luckily there was this doctor from india who was willing to treat me although there was no hope left in me.
I want to thank her. Mean while, I had a dream, I was in heaven i guess with all those clouds and a big gate. Opens and welcome me. As i enter the gate, it turn out to be a black and white world in a room. i saw a figure siting on a rocking chair. It was then i notice that it was my grandpa who had died long ago. He told me to go back from where i came from and i don't belong to this(black n white) world. Then after having a coma 4 bout almost 3weeks, I woke up. But i couldn't talk properly, had double vision, couldn't walk, and many more. After two years, I had fully recover.

2) It was when i was 15, it was a stormy night, at around 1am, my chest starts to feel pain and cram. It was getting hard to breath. And i pass out on my bed. Maybe it was a dream or it was real, cause the next thing i know is that i was in heaven again or so. There i saw a figure, a holy one, which i couldn't see his face. It was as though as it was erase from my memory. I think it was god(i'm not sure if his christian, islam, or buddha, k?). He then pass me a handphone(old one) and told me that i had died that very night. He said that i can make use this phone to call the one person i to say goodbye to. He said only one. Then i ask if i were to sms, will i able to sms(text) to many people instead of calling only one. He then answer no.
I took a look at the phone and search for a name. i was amaze cause everybody in the world's name is in the contact list. I ask god if i could actually purchase it. He than say that its not for sale. As i was thinking of who should i call, I kept thinking and thinking. i miss everybody. It was then when, i know who should i call.
Before i make the call, god ask me to sign on something like a contract which has my details on it. Then, i suddenly realize something wrong about it. I wasn't born in 1960. It was written wrongly. I then ask god about it. He then laugh, and said that "opps, wrong person". He said that i can go back. Then here am i. The weirdest part is where i can't recall his face or i actually could not even see it.

Death is no longer a fear to me, cause I am enjoying my life. Die a happy death if i could..hahax..
erm..., if i had offended some people, then i am sorry.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


ohh ya, some people mite wonder y i parkour(climb wall) 4.

Here are some explanation.
I need to go out and eat fast coz ony gt 30minutes. if i walk it will take 10minutes journey. but if i climb, it ony takes less than one minute.
anyways, i dun do it during school hour.
But i do it after school.
i dun use it 2 ponteng(escape from school).
i use it only when i really need it.
aside from going out 2 eat, i was once chase by a gay.
luckily, i noe how to climb.
i vault throw the metals, run and climb over a wall and another to another..hahax
c how handy can it be at times like that.

well, msskl is getting nearer. sadly, i am d ony guy from my school that manage to get into it.haiz..
practicing with people chess without my queen to train myself.

Friday, February 20, 2009

can't stop once i do it..

heard bout it?
its a wall climbing in advance its buildings..
i quit it last year.
this year i'd practice it.
i climb of the wall from the school to outside to eat(safe traveling time).
n climb back as well...
sometimes i ony use one hand. sometimes use, my elbow.
bt tis year i could actually performa roll when i jump from high place to the ground.
it takes less impact.
addicted to it..
i started it since 13.
but due to lack of practice last year, i gt my hand some scratches and bruises..
can't stop it.. jz like doing it..

me? i suck..hahak

well, life seems to b seems as wat is seems...
wat am i saying is tat everythin looks as though as wat it is..
theses days, kept my life busy..
wit chess
wit study..
wit projects..
n nt 2 mention bout my own life..

anyway, u c..
there is this girl..,
she is wat people called perfect..
n i on the other hand..haiz..suck..
Its like heaven n hell.
ya gt it?

well, she is a gud person, n it doesn't make me a gud one.
mayb i will go 4 her, bt afta thinkin bout all tis..., i dun think so.
wat am i 2 her? i dunno.. friend?hahax...
I would b happy enough if she thinks me as her friend.
i admire her a lot. She is hardworkin, i am lazy..hah

next week msskl...,dunno can do well a nt.
Bt i think its time 4 me to do wat i'm suppose to do 4 years msskl..
to finish of from where i begin..
thinkin ahead..n go 4 a kill...
wit no regretz...

Anyway, here's a malay poem we created:

Ada udang di sebalik batu,
Sama dengan Wei Han di sebalik pintu,
Muka dia macam hantu,
Macam inilah kami teruskan hidup kami sebegitu.

thanx ta moses..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


yo, tis week chess tournament was held in smk manjalara. (zon sentul)
In the pasukan, i am proud of my team though we did't make it to the next level.
hmm..., still got individual.
Next week exam.., i think i gt all pass will do la.
Damn, i learn about lost in a hard way.
but its worth it.