Wednesday, July 29, 2009

done some stupid things..

yo, click to download something for fun=)
click it then
bt dun blame for what will happen..
my advice is not to ok?
even after u download it, dun open it.
do not click here

ohh ya,
almost forgot.
me and my 2 other friend had work on a program for a competition.
though its quite lousy.
bt do giv it a try.
click here to download the program=)

giv me some comments on it.
critic it also, so tat i can improve.
its version 1.0 though.
will upgrade it when i am free.

hmm.., it was a nice day 2day.
it rain heavily tis morning.
i was holding and umbrella in the rain, walking to the school entrance.
then i saw this girl tat i knew, who just came out of the car.
my instinct somehow told me 2 share my umbrella with tat girl.
i dunnno why i did tat.
natural instinct?
or is tat jz an excuse?
who noe?
so, i shared tat umbrella with tat girl til inside school.
it was quite a nice moment.=)
though i wish tat girl was her, which will nvr happen.
hahax.., bt still happy enuf la..
haiz, i'm a easily satisfied type of person.
tats y i can nvr go far.(some ppl told me tat though i forgot who la)

1 of my friend would have killed me if he had saw me with his girl tis morning.
as gud as dead...

when i free , i will explain more on vb.
something to do with launching other programs with vb.=)
busy man talking..
smile 24 7.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


"School rumble z" comes to an end.
Well, "School Rumble" was quite a nice manga 2 read though.
Although the beginning may seem childish.
School Rumble

okay, i am now determine to study..(i think i always say that bt did't to it)
i wan to get A1 in chemistry, physics, ict,math, add math, and sej.

Next week performance..,
hahax.. dunno.. will mess up a nt.
if kill_me was in, it would be cool.
bt too bad.

whenever i suppose to read sej, i end up spacing somewhere else..
going to august adi.
still like that..

my com had been formated again...
for the 15th time tis year..
hmm..., it happen when i was installing sp2 for my xp.
its damn stupid,
when my com boot up and load.
it restart again and again..
i was quite piss off coz i was in the middle of something.
no choice lo, its quite an old pc.

next week vb.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

something to say..

Okay, first of all.
i would recommend firefox users to install a add-ons called "CoolPreview".
What it does is that it gives you a preview of the link that you are going to click,
it enables you to search things faster.
Safe your time.
Try it.

another thing is that if you are using windows xp.
There are certain program that need you to install service packs.
its anoying though.

okay, when it comes to IT, please...
be more open minded for other source.
Use the internet, it provides you with many info and usefull things such as cracks and hacks.
Useful programs.

Youtube has many tutorials especially in programing and computing.
i got to study physics and chemistry and sej.

ohh, ya.. i could head hollow now.
after a few experiments, i found an easy way to do it.
it requires your arm flexibility a lot more than your strength.

ok, i talk too much..
polluting the air..
sorry, kill_me for damaging the folder.
ermm..., next time i will get something to protect it.

lonely guy talking...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

hmm..., took the gamble..

sorry guys..
did't have much time.
well, i took the gamble..
it will take effect soon..

Okay, here is something i learn recently.
If your printer gets jam(stuck) with a paper..
what do you do?
1)Start getting panic.
2)bang the printer.
3)Start shouting for no reasons.
hahax.., of course not.
Here is what you are supposed to do.
1)Go to the printer's manual and find for the instruction for jam printer.
2)if you weren't able to find it, dun get panic.
3)Turn off the printer first.
4)wait for few minutes, then turn it on again.
5)Usually, the printer will automatically allow the paper to go through and come out.
6)If that doesn't happen, try pulling the paper slowly.
7)okay, that might not work as well.., remove the cartridge first.
8) then slowly pull the paper from there.
9)The last resort is that you have to open the printer and take out the paper from there.
10) be sure to know how to put it back to normal.
11)call the people who are incharge of the printer if you dunno what to do seriously.

c ya..
lonely man talking..

Hope she smiles..=)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a little thing about stress.

once again.
its bout stress this time.

well, having many homeworks and responsibility.
students these days have stress.
so, here are a few ways to get rid of it:

1) the most efective way of all, share ur problem or stress wit a friend or someone close to you.

2) play games or things that you like to do. for me, i pumping n sit-up, headstand.

3)listen to musics.(types of music depends on individual)

being frustrated tat something did't go to the way u want?

1) start banging the table.
2) scold anyone near you.
3)start yelling like a pysco.

okay, tats wrong..haha
i did that once during programing.

the real one, take these steps:

1)take a deep breath
2)do something else other than what you are doing.
3) go play computer games or read some manga or comics anything tat can entertain you.
4) do meditation if you actually noe.
5) ask yourself why are you so frustrated about and try looking it from a different angle.

In vb6.0, you can always right click the toolbox
and add components.
For example you want to make a webBrowser,
you add Microsoft Internet controls.
Always declare variable before using it.
for example,
Dim mark as single
Dim say, Name, as string
Name = InputBox("Hey, type in your name here",1,"Name")
mark = InputBox("Key in your exam marks")
If x >50 then
Say = MsgBox(Name & ", you had pass your exam with " & mark " marks ")
Say = MsgBox(Name & ", you had fail your exam with " & mark " marks ")
End if
End Sub

In this code, when you run it
it will promt out 2 inputbox.
One for the name and another is for the marks.
"Dim" is the declaration.
now, many may ask why did i dim x as single and not as integer.
this is because integer in vb is only from -2000something to 3000something.
so, any numbers that exceed that limits wil promt and error.
Its a gud practice to dim numbers as single.
The if...then..end if code than calculates wether the number key in is more than 50.
it will than promt out and msgbox that tells the name and msg and the pass or fail wit the marks.

bb..,busy man talking.

Monday, July 6, 2009

sorry. busy again.

i am hit..
i am hit...
by a virus...
a password stealer...
it is called "e8main0.dll "

yes..., its a dll file.
so it needs an exe to activate it.
bt it may somehow able to stand alone.
hmmm..., i dun noe hw i gt it.
well, this virus does is that it attacks ur my document and :c/system32
it will steall ur password.
i had it remove after sometime.
jz to keep as a counter measure.., i put up my shield.

In vb6.0
the program will always read ur coding from left to right.
nt the other way round.


text1.text = label1.caption

is not the same as:

label1.caption = Text1.text

Mastering the properties of the object is a must in vb.

next week more..., this week busy..

bb..., busy man talking...

anyway, to girls tat i once told tat r cute in the past..
ermm.., i actually meant pretty n attractive, meihui=)
so, do keep my msg.
okay, n kill_me was probally rite. my bad for jz looking to the dictionary.haha
cute means like what was written in wikipedia

Cuteness is a kind of attractiveness commonly associated with youth and appearance, as well as a scientific concept and analytical model in ethology, first introduced by Konrad Lorenz.

Friday, July 3, 2009

the actual meaning of cute..

okay, guys....
just admit it..
we guys used the word "cute" to compliment a girl
to get their attention.., rite?
okay..., i admit i used to do that last time..

well.., here is the thing..
if u check the dictionary..., cute actually means
small n tiny...
it means u r telling the girl that you are small and tiny..
ain't meant for beautiful or pretty...
all these while most of us got it wrong...

okay, next week..., some tips for vb6.0

bb..., busy man talking..