Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So, it was the day i went to listen the teori.
and for the pratikal.

It was the first time i drive.
i nvr drive a car nor did i rode a motorbike before.
It was sort of scary at the first minute.
But, when you start to know the timing of the car's clutch,
it begins to get fun. trust me=)
Some advice were given from my friends as well, such as c.k, yit kenn and monk-ed.
i still quite noob in driving though.

Aside that, me and two of my friends went to school to help the teacher in the lab again. This time we soft of did less work and we got demoted from having pizza and mcd to nasi goreng.
I hope tmr will be better.
I also help my friend's sis who had some problem with her pc.
I went there test things out. Switch the ram slot, plug out all the wire, wait for 5minutes, then plug it all in. tada, its fix somehow.
amazing.., i wonder where did i get tis ability?
Ya, i do it for free.
coz i want to gain experience. Not go n c leng lui.
dun get me wrong ><

I want to put up some vb tutorial in youtube.
what do u think?

Money is not the root of all evil.
Its greed.. or to be more precise(accurate)..its actually us human ourselves.
Dun blame it on money, its us.

I am now once again stuck in vb. The last part of the book.
Its bout class modular. anyone can help?

recently at my housing area kept on putus electric.
TNB doing some work? should have inform us.
My com kept offing due to it.
Lucky no blue screen.


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