Saturday, September 11, 2010

the time has come for me 2 shine did not.

once again, ignore the fancy title.
for it is nothing.

Had I know you are like that,
Had I should I forget,
For I will not regret,
For I did not feel sad,
Because you are fat.

hahaahaahahaa.... one of the funny poem i came out with.
I had plenty of it=)

Okay, okay.. here is the original of it:

Had I know you will regret,
I should have forget,
For I rather be bad,
Than to make you sad,
cause my love for you,
is more than just simple as that.

hmmm..., i dunno wat i am writing...
bt it sounds kinda...crap.
as u can see...,
i spend 10 minutes on
anyway, its jz an update.

taking a girl for a movie is no joke.
rm50 jz go jz like that.hmmm....


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