Monday, September 21, 2009

The presentation part2....

i receive another email.
me and my team will be attending a event at nite at the putra jaya
world trade center.
Its for the msc award thing.
its on the 8th of october 2009.

Anyway, here is the program version 2.0 that i had done with.
Click here to download it

check tis out

honestly i am kinda 'busy' rite now.
kill_me ask me to spread tis link.
so, do go to the link below

i am working on a program. its 2.0.
an upgrade? yes...

back to 'work'

my work requires full focus and concentrations.
and must not be disturb by the surrounding.
its called sleeping....
tat was a joke k.
i dun sleep all day.

btw, i had to attend a photo session in the msc award thing.
mayb this thursday.
i already inform kok kian.
But i still fail to contact mun fuong.
back to my real work.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Robot dance

wow..., check this video below.
this guy is a pro.
watch the whole video.
Especialy at 2.40

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Changed frm mediafire to 4shared.

why did i changed frm mediafire to 4shared?
kill_me mite be wondering.
here is the thing.
In media fire, when u click on link i posted to download the program or whatever it is,
it will count as 1 file downloaded even if you didn't press download.
Its because i want to know the exact number of downloads thats why i changed to 4shared.
having 5GB space is gud enuf.

On friday, during sejarah exam.
it was the first time from form4 till now that i didn't leave any blanks.
looks like it finally pays off.

I am still waiting for the competition result.
hopefully at least get top4.

I put the download link above my blog, replacing those stupid adds.
have to study chemistry.

tagged by kill_me

note: make sure you are below 20 years old, and so are the people who you will be tagging. why? coz you SHOULD be doing these stuffs by then. answer the questions with “yes” or “no”. add some words of your won if you like.

1 held his/her hand -no
2 dated a boy/girl -yes
3 kissed a boy/girl -no
4 watch movie with boy/girl -no
5 spend a day/night with him/her -yes

6 had a party -yes
7 wild night out -no
8 got drunk -no
9 try drugs or smokin -no
10 go on a outing -yes

11 ignore you parents - no
12 shouted at your parents - yes
13 hit your parents - no
14 kill your parents - no
15 bury them alive - no

16 earn a thousand on your own - no
17 earn a million on your own - no
18 spend a thousand on one item - no
19 stole hundreds from anyone - no
20 burn your money - no

21 self-injure - yes
22 bungee-jumping, minus the rope - no
23 whacking a cop - no
24 groping someone of other sex - yes
25 drove at 120km/h, minus the license - no

26 own an expensive handphone - no
27 make your own computer - no
28 joined social networking - yes
29 fry your modem - yes
30 make your own bomb - no

31 emo -No
32 punk -no
33 b-boy -yes
34 geek - yes
35 glamor - no

36 Kill_me
37 Blique
38 Wendy
39 How Ee
40 Lee wei

thanks for the memories, and no, this is not a question

Friday, September 11, 2009


as my previous post stated that there
was an error in my program.
I had fix it.
And also add something in the quadratic.
Just click algebra, then click Quadratic.
Try it out.
Click here to download Projectkai_Mun_Kok1.1.exe

Come get it.
i sound like a salesman.
I haven come out with patches like what kill_me told me.
i dunno how to do that yet.
I need dll files to do that i think.

It took me almost from 6hours all together to find the solution
for the bug.
In search of the solution, i travel from websites to websites.
I had many obstacles during my journey such as 'distractions'.
I went to those addmath's websites, forums to ancient greeks to father of math.
errmm.., bout the father of math.., its a joke k?
bt the ancient greeks thing was true.

How did i came out with the solution?
Usually we were given the shortcut to to the quadratic equation.
What i did was that i break it down to more steps so that i can find the error and bug.
The proses is like the reinventing or deriving of quadratic equation.
I also found more solution to solve the quadratic equation.
Using deductions.
I think and think and think.
Till this morning when i receive a sms from her.
And i was even more determine.
And i came out with the solution at last.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


there is a bug in my vb program..
yes..., the one tat i had send for the competition.
Under algebra.., quadratic.

thanx to c.k yeo who found tat error n told me.
i hope more people out there give me comments and report problems about my program like him.
coz i need to improve it.
here was the problem,
when you want to calculate x.
You had key in a,b,and c.
then you press calculate.
it may sometimes come out and error due to some reasons
which i am working on it.
but if you already have x and you
want to find other unknowns, its okay.
no problem with that.
Please email me more problems about my program

check out tis website.
its quadratic things will be something i want to create.
and of course release a new version.

tmr sejarah...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

dream i had..

i had a dream...
few days ago...
i hoped tat the dream could hav last long.
In tat dream...,
i dunno why..
but it was me and her..
Holding hands...
and talk and stuff..
just the 2 of us.
by the lake.
is this a sign?
tat was one of the best dream i ever had...
so, in a mood for anything...
i noe i may sound like a fool nw.


Please email me some critics on my programs to

the presentation..

last week..,
on 3rd of sep 2009..
me, moses(Mun Fuong) and Kelvin(Kok Kian)..
went to cyberjaya, picom..
to present our program tat we had created for the competition..
The journey was very long to reach there.
and miss out one turning in the road in cyberjaya, will have to very far just
to make a one hell of a U-turn.

Well, when we got there.., they checked our body temperature before letting us enter.
then we waited for our turn.
at first we are the only students there.. or so we thought.
People start to wisper,"why are does 'kids' doing here?"
okay, people start staring at us...
of course that happens coz we are wearing school uniform.

and finally..., we saw a few female student.
or mayb there were actually also a few male students as well bt we weren't focusing on them.
my dad was there..., so i can't jz go ask number n all.
One of the girl, which was a prefect from damansara jaya..
is wat she had said or so i had heard.
She ask me to help her to take photograph.
Apparently, my hand are just too cold and shaky coz i wan nervous bout the presentation and i was sitting right below the air-cond.
The picture was blur coz my hands are shaky.
so i ask Kok kian to help her to take the photo instead.
He could have use that chance to get her number in fact.

One of the people who was in charge of the event ask us to feel up our details
and project name.
Yes, our project is called ProjectKai_Mun_Kok1.0
Click the link below to download it.
lolz..., giv me some critics please.
Anyways, back to the story..
We saw the other teams' program name.
Like "Optical Disc Simulator", "Robo Cycle", "Vibrating Earing" and many more.
i dunno man..
their program names sounds so cool and better than ours.

So, we enter the room where they called us in.
The judges.., 3 of them.
So, we borrowed labtop to present our project and also using powerpoint.
It went quite smooth.
Until my part..., i screw up..
I can see their face expression.
The first one' face says tat this is boring.
The 2nd one's face says tat please end tis quick wil ya.
The 3rd one's face says tat God, please get me out of here.
After finish presenting.
The judges ask us questions.
And one of them, ask me hw am i going to improve it.
I answered tat i will add in log coz nw i noe hw to do it adi.
Than another one ask wether if it can produce a graph automatically.
I just answer tat i haven learn till that yet.
Allow me to explain a bit..,
in order to do tat, i have to import tools from excel.
Then i have make sure the data goes to the right place and retrieve it back.
Which it is nt as easy as it seems.

Okay, back again to the story.
Mun Fuong handles the judges' question calmly and good.
He is very good indeed in it.
Kok Kian did good as well.
Unlike me lol...

Okay, if i am nt wrong they will announce the competition result next month.