Sunday, June 29, 2008

lesson tat i had learn 2day..

if u had read my previous post then u should b able 2 understand tis..
tat girl tat i had express out my feelin 2 has been u noe like wat i had said..
well, i actually juz wan 2 noe wether if she feels d same or nt..tats all..
i am nt askin her 2 couple wit i juz wan 2 noe her feelings tats all..(hope "u" r readin tis)
anyway, i learn an important thing..
u noe hw sad i was back then..
bt nw i am nt..
u noe y?
coz i learn n realize somethin..
somethin important in life..
is tat..
never be sad over somethin tat was never once yours..
coz u nvr own it before.. so there is no point bein sad of somethin tat wasn't once urs..
wat i'm tryin 2 say is tat i shouldn't b sad...
I did't lost her or anythin since she was nvr once mine..=)
sorry 4 wat i had stated in my previous post bout hw sad i was...hehe

Friday, June 27, 2008


2day was a sad day 4 me...
i dunno..
u noe when u express ur feelin 2 someone..
i gav her time 2 think over..
well, i dun think it wil work..
wats worse of all is tat.., i think she is avoidin me..
i won't expect 4 a answer like: "yes, i like u 2"
tat won't happen..
bt at least she should nt avoid me..
u noe it feels sad bein avoid n talk less..
it made me feel regreted expressin my feelin..
is it wrong? i did't force her 2 say yes..
where as i told her tat she can say no if she wan..
despite all tat.., d saddest part was bein avoid..
i dunno wat 2 do..
i gt scold by my teacher 4 nt enterin d class..n report my name 2 d displin teacher..
i was actually teachin my juniors hw 2 do d he did't care..
even when i went n apologise 2 he doesn't care n said nonsense..
anyway, my homework r risin up above my head..
n when i went home my mum n dad told me some things i did't quite agree on..
well, its one misery day....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


in whatever you do..,
there is definitely a few limits that u mite reach..
i had break a few limits in my chess..
it feels suck being stuck in that limit..
bt its like hell break free when u break d limit..=)
u wil also feel some satisfication afta breakin it..
bt its ain't easy breakin a limit..

rite nw, i'm facin another limit..
tryin 2 find other ways 2 improve myself..
u 2 can do it if u put in effort..
its all about passion n patient if u wanna break ur limit..
there was once it took me 2 years juz 2 break one limit..
bt it is easy 2 break one at d beginin.., when u juz started..
it gts harder each time..
as u mite find tat u hav difficulty in searchin 4 some room 4 improvements..=)
bt keep tryin til ya gt 2 break a few..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

exam stress..

exam exam..
b4 d exam.., i had a hard time study all d subjects..
chemistry n physics gav me enough headache..

During d exam.., so preasured doin it..

After exam, relax..
bt when i gt my result.., i feel so down..
coz i noe i could hav done better..
so, i must do better next time..

Any advice 4 chemistry n physics..?

Friday, June 13, 2008


addmath is ain't easy when i learn it at first..
becoz you can't feel the logic behind it at first..
bt after some time, i gt stil ony 2 manage 2 gt an A2..
addmath require a lot of practice n time consumin..
its worth it..
dun giv up in it..
practice makes perfect..
addmath is applicable in programin...xD

juz new here..

so, this is what they called blogging.
hmm.., intrestin..=)
this is my friendster link anyway,

Any advice for me about blogging?
anyway, basketball in d afternoon sure did makes me tired
nt due 2 d weather makes my shoes feel like it melt..haha