Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Need help again..

hmm.., i lately tried to modify my form in ms.access.
There are certain function like print previews of a report.
Which can be done simple if you only create that particular command button to do for just one report.
What I want is a command button that not only can preview one report but also you can select the particular report that you want. It not only can do that but it can also select the few things you want from your report.(flexible)
Anyone can help me?
I saw this in the Northwind database sample.
I can't just simply copy the VBA codes directly because there are commands that i need to edit in order for it to suit my database. And i Have zero knowledge about VBA.
So, i really would be thankfull if someone can help me.
Anyways, i am now studying VBA from the internet(online lesson) just like how i learn access.

Monday, December 29, 2008


hmm.., i had attend a Christmas Party last week.
it all seems fine and enjoyable.
The people are friendly.
Well, it is stated that one should appreciate for whatever he/she has or gets.
I actually take that phrase seriously...
hmm..., the last activity was the exchange gift.
This is how it works.
Everybody gathers in a circle. Then the gifts are passed arround to each of us.
Later a person will read a piece of paper which is a like a story.
Whenever, the person mention left, we pass the gifts to the left and same goes to right.
hmmm..., so u guess what i got?
i gt a pair of earing and somthing i dunno.
So, i dunno what 2 do wit it nw?
wat do u think?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i am sorry...

Here's a theory..,
If u can hate a person,u can also love that person..
If you can love a person, U also can hate that person...

The fact is that, there always will be argument among people every time because
each people have different thinking,thoughts, behavior, habits, passion and ways of doing things that sets us all apart..(different from one another).

A simple sentence...,"I am sorry.."
can make a difference when those kind of situation occurs where can be use after the incident...

Its looks simple than it is... (easier say than done)
U need to have two things when u wan 2 say sorry to a person.
u need to forgive and forget..

Ok, here's the thing... Most people can forgive but may have difficulty in forgetting about it..

Most people just kept thinking and remembering those unwanted incidents, where they will become more and more angrier when they think of it..hmm..
Unless if u have a calm mind, and can take those kind of situation=)
then u can do wats rite since u can maintain yourself from being insane..hahax..

Most people now a days only think for themselves..
When u wan to look into a situation, you got to first put yourself in the other person's shoe as well...
U can get a clearer picture of whats happening by doing that..

PS: I feel like i am being stare by something whenever i'm alone at nite arround 1am in front of my pc..hmm... i wonder what could it be.. maybe i should ask it and welcome it to chat with me since i am bored now..Who noes if we mite turn out to be best buddies..? jz kidding..., i hope that happen to you first before me..hahax..gud luck..

Friday, December 12, 2008

problem solve

yo, gud news=)
i finally succeed in writing codes for the calculated field that i dunno hw 2 do few days ago.
its simple.

Minutes: DateDiff("n", [StartDateTime], [EndDateTime])

"Minutes" is for the name of ur field in d query.

DateDiff() is the main code to calculate d field.

"n" is means minutes.

[StartDateTime], [EndDateTime] are the two fields that u wan to b calculated.

Of course, those codes can be even more complex for more complicated calculation.
I am learning them.. Well, I gt a long way to go=)

Bt all this hardwork pays off..

Honestly ms.access isn't user-friendly..hahax

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i gt a problem..

hey, i am currently doing database. So, i learn a lot.
hmm..., There is this problem when i try to create a calculated field(if u noe wat i mean)...
I soon realize that i could only create a calculated field in queries..
hmm..., I check the northwind sample and i found out that i had to create a field in the query and key in some codes that will run the calculation.
are those code generated from somewhere or tools that i can use in access?
or i had to memories it and key it in myself?
thank u.=)