Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm back nw n forever..

okay, i made it sound like i was held captive or in jail.

NS was bitter and sweet is what i can say.
well, learn quite a lot.
learn bout buddha and god.
meet many martial artist there also.
i am the most noob/lousy among them.
we have taekwondo, karate, muay tai, silat, aikido, street fighter(not the street fighter that you imagine), and wing chun as well.
we all share our knowledge, and thoughts.
it was interesting.
i had not practice aikido for so long.
bcame even worse adi.
ppl there damn funny weh, they never heard of aikido b4.
they tot aikido has kick n punch.
v dun kick nor punch.
i guess aikido is quite low profile.
ppl there ask me wat is it.

haiz, kinda miss the ppl there(my friends) not the kem ok?
next week 1st lesson for foundation after 2 weeks of orientation.
hope i can still study n
miss u all out there.=)
and 2 make 1 thing clear, i did not had a gf when i was in ns. ok?


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