Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Release of 1.3

okay, the wait is over..
lol.., as if anyone is waiting for it.
The project kai_mun_kok..
Which can calculate things..
it can even do add math.

Whats new?
It can do solution of triangle.
Rate of change of x and y(Differentiation)
And some bug such as in the geometric progression is fixed.

here is the link..

happy new year to you all and myself.
Yes, i am staying at home.
Jz me n myself again in front of this pc.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


yea, i fell sick.
but what surprise me is that i was able to pass my undang despite being sick.
48/50 was what i got.
btw, when i am sick, i am very sick.

hmm..., at there i waited for 4 hours...jz 4 that.

everywhere i go, i met ppl.
yea, so this time i met with a Philippine female.

okay, skip that part.
So, now i can do my vb in peace.
by the way, who is interested in physics tution?
please contact me or tell me via my cbox.



you may not know
but i sometimes do attend formal events or formal dinner.
And at those time, i am not myself.
I talk differently and things that i talk are different.
i dun like it but no choice.
Most of the time have to in front of my dad's client.
Recently when for a lunch with my dad's client family.
I was given a place to sit.
At my 12 o'clock(directly opposite my sit),
is one of the daughter.
how could you not stare once?
its normal for my head to look in front and not side ways.
I made a wrong attention with my smile.
I dunno why my eyes are sort of hook up.
lol.. mayb too long at home adi these few days.
Taking my undang so vb will b delay.
ya, i fail it. Will try again.
haiz, i fell sick. How?
hopefully i recover b4 i retake my undang.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Solution of triangle done..

at last its done...
hmm.. nw wat?
i think of...
wouldn't it be cool if u can integrated in vb?
or differentiate?
i think n think...
with my head..

n i think..
y not?
its not a bad idea.
dun u think?

impossible is nothing <<< nike

Friday, December 18, 2009


So, after being able to Sin(x) and all.
I continue with inverseSin..
But there is no define function for me to use.
So, i had to create my own function.
How to create a function? wat is it?
go check out 1 of my past post 4 it.

So, the function was this

Private Function ArcSin(ByVal x As Single)
Dim pi As Single
pi = 4 * Atn(1)
ArcSin = Atn(x / Sqr(-x * x + 1))
ArcSin = x * 180 / pi
End Function

Spot the mistake?

the correct one should be this

Private Function ArcSin(ByVal x As Single)
Dim pi As Single
pi = 4 * Atn(1)
ArcSin = Atn(x / Sqr(-x * x + 1))
ArcSin = ArcSin * 180 / pi <<< look at this x has been replace by ArcSin
End Function

hmm..., it gave me some headache 4 a while.
So, whenever there is an error...
always go back to basic..
look back of what you had learn an you can solve it.

My head...

well..., my head almost explode..
use it too much..
One of it was about doing my program that calculates solutions of triangle..
The given function was Sin(X)
So, i use it.
But it didn't work..
crack my head whole day...,
I tried to convert the answer to degree thinking that the value i obtain from Sin(x)
was radian..
At the end i found out that i had to convert the degree to radian before placing it to Sin(x)..
That is the effect of leaving my brain at school..

Dim x as single
Const pi as single = 3.142

x = 56
x = 56*pi/180 <<< Converting it to radian
x = Sin(x)

Well, it looks simple..
bt it took me half of my day..
plus, i also learn bout inverse sin function.
all these were from forums..

miss her 24 7

Thursday, December 17, 2009

the delay...

calculations1.2 will be delay due to some further improvements i need to make.
i want to add solutions of triangle inside it
and also differentiation if possible.
with the help of monk-ed n c.k yeo.
i was able to find more solutions into solving things in the program.
hmm..., thanx guys.

my msn has problem again..
will reinstall it when i am free.
these few days i end up playing computer games n sleep..
that is the truth behind the delay...><

i dream of a few interesting things..
gave me some idea..
btw, how often do you had experience dreaming dating a hot chick?

has it occurs to any of you that when you were sleeping so peacefully,
and the next thing your phone rang and someone ask you some computer things or other questions..?
coz it makes your mind think... so u won't be able to go back to sleep..

hmm..., miss her a lot.
bt as long as i noe she is doing fine..
i am alrite.
if she is okay, then its good enough to brighten my day=)

kk.., i back to work...
busy man...
miss all my friends...
going separate ways...
btw, i accidentally left my brain at school..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

its over...

its over already..
my spm...
hmm..., now what?
i thought of that since way back in May.

I shall finish up with my visual basic.
get my driving license(my driving sucks btw)

Since i wasn't chosen for the first batch in ns..
i will have plenty of time 2 do all these.
1) C++

afterall they(the ns ppl) say that i will be in either the 2nd or 3rd batch.
its a good chance to relax..
maybe i am gonna teach ppl chess?

doing my vb..
calculations aka ProjectKai_Mun_Kok 1.2 is about to release..
of course, no one cares la..haha

Thursday, December 3, 2009

1 more to go...

only left chemistry..
i haven return my buku pinjaman yet..
dunno when to return it..

Anyway, i think my hope of getting 5A for SPM is gone la..

Recently, one of my neighbour's kid kept screaming like he was being abuse.
It happens very frequent for the past few weeks...
Though its not my style to check on things like this, but do you(readers n bloggers) think i should check it out?
or jz let it be because its got nothing to do with me?