Sunday, May 15, 2011


first of all,
i guess most people had lie before.
they had their reasons i guess.
Whether for their own or for others.

Anyway, here is the main thing today.

Okay, when we were young,
we were told by our parents and teachers not to lie.
Basically most adults told you not to tell lie.
And so some of you did and some did not.

The thing is this,
As we grew up...
you know, you got bigger and meet more people.
Suddenly you were told to lie, and the truth should not be told at times.

People fear of things,
adults tell you to be truthful when you are young.
But as you grow up, when you want to tell the truth about certain thing,
you were told not to do so.
Instead, you are ask to tell a lie.

Very contradicting isn't it?

example, when you are working with your boss.
Although its his fault at times, but you get the blame.
People then tell you not to say its your boss fault as you might get fired.

Your relative did something wrong, and you want to point it out.
However your parents tell you not to do so, as it will hurt the relative's pride.
And might severe the relationship between families.

Sometimes you need to please certain people by lying to them.

Why is it the things we had learn when we were young is somehow different in the real world??

Is it because this world is getting corrupted or our teachings are wrong?

opinions please=)

anyway, sometimes i gotta be the "bad guy"
to make certain things happen.
I admit, i lied, wat about you?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

it will rip ya from the inside if u do not let it out.

As I had mentioned about comfort zone.
Let me tell you a little something.

Its okay to confine yourself in your comfort zone sometimes, but remember,
do not always use it when you have any problem.
And hoping that the problem will just pass and move on.

That is what we called moving on..
Its called running away from problem.

If you leave that problem unsolved, hoping it will just pass as time.
You are so wrong, its gonna haunt you till the end of your life.
trust me.hahax..

Sometimes, we have to step out from our comfort zone.
Step out and face reality.
Smell the morning coffee.
oh yea, did i mention that i like coffee?
hahax.. opps..., sidetracked.

Hiding in your comfort zone,
sure it protects you from the outside danger.
but it does not protect you from what is inside you.
Yes, that thing inside you will rip you inside out.

of coz, it may not be that obvious.
Its like a slow-acting poison.

Btw, i am not saying that we must not have a comfort zone.
we all have that, but use it wisely please.

When a person step out from the comfort zone, that person will obtain new experience and evolve.
whether for good or bad.hahax..


Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, the truth seems like something that is right.
But due to the society now a days,
the truth turns out to be things that satisfy the majority.

Which means, whatever the minority thinks might not be considered as the truth.
As mentioned, most people only want to listen what they want,
taking that as the truth.
Their desires blinded them from seeing things what they are suppose to see sometimes.

well, we are humans after all, so let there be room for mistakes.

Now, what is a comfort zone?
okay, everyone has it whether if its with their family, a place, in their head or just anywhere.
why do people want to feel secure?
please refer to This Post

anyway, its because people were so afraid of the unknown, they fear to open themselves up.
They fear that it will go against their comfort zone, a place where they feel safe.

As for me, I do have one too.

Some people, have to hold an object to calm themselves down,
some maybe a pen or key or whatever.
As for my case, its a chess book.
I always read it when i feel nervous.

jz paraphrasing the previous post.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


who are the fools?
you? me? them? us?
lets see...,hahax..

sorry that i had been away for such a long time.
well, guess no readers would be reading this though.

People who reject other people's ideology or way of thinking..
Those people doing that without thinking much,
do you know why some of them did that?

It is because they were afraid of being wrong.
For what they had know were what they think as the "truth".
If people tell them something that is different from it,
they will tend to shut their ears and reject it straight away.

For it will bring them out from their comfort zone.
It was something to be afraid of, outside your comfort zone.
A zone where you have to fear of the unknown.

People only want to here what they want to hear, and for them,
it was the truth.
rejecting other ideas that deviate from the "truth".

What I am saying is that..
the moment one shut his or her ears, the moment that person becomes a fool..
In other words, people who stop listening, then start to become a fool.

n I am a fool..

i noe.
its boring?haha