Thursday, April 30, 2009

i sense betrayal among us..

from what i had seen, i think i can know who i can trust and who i cannot.
Hence.., i roughly predict who will betray. Coz that person betray me once.
Betrayal is like stabbing someone from the back.
Well, that wasn't the worst part though.
The worst part is that you will lose your trust.
And feel the pain of betrayal.

But i guess betrayal is unavoidable.
It flows in our vein of our blood.
Its a common thinking in our mind for our own beneficial.

Tips of the day: When you shutdown your computer, and when you turn it on next time it will take sometime to load all those run time. If you wanna save time, you can do this.
When you are shutingdown, you go to stand by mode while holding the shift button.
It will go to hibernate mode.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hate myself sometimes.

I hate myself for not being able to plan my time.
I hate myself for not being able to control my anger.
I hate myself for not doing my best.

busy again lately.
Just discover that our school computer got 4 virus.
For those that don noe bout the Juzt Reboot, here is about it:
1) Juzt Reboot is a software that reloads everything back to its initial status when you turn off the pc and turn it on again.
2)This means that you can't change anything in that pc with that software.
3)Deleting anything still will comeback.
4) It sometimes comes as a card(hardware)

Our School pcs in the makmal komputer has that software except pusat akses.
Wanna noe something funny?
Teacher himself can't remove it of the pcs..hahax
He dunno how to deactivate it.

Speaking bout the four virus, they are:
1) Forever.exe
2)Win32(worm virus)
3) Netmon(destroy the system)
4) Forget the name adi.

Do not put your pendrive in pc 15.
It will destroy your pendrive by fried by it.

To be a good programmer or hacker,

Follow the master,
Walk with the master,
Learn from the master,
Be the master.

I realize many malay male teachers start using the school computer lab more often than usual ever since the female lab, kak Azmi is there.hahax
What does that tell ya?

Select Case Val(Label1.caption)
Case is > Val(Label2.caption) and Val(Label3.caption) : Label5.caption = text5.text
End Select

I jz realize i can do that in vb6.0
The "and" comes in handy in sticky situation.
I use it for validation.

I failed a few times in vb.
So, when i failed the first one.
I called it version1.0
Followed by version1.1

She is busy lately.
So, jz dun wan her to be too stressful.=)
If u r reading this, then take care ya.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Its over.. but another coming again..

well, the intervensi exam is over now.
But on the 11th of May, is the mid-term exam.
haiz, have to work hard again.

Fell sick yesterday for two hours and then okay.
Got those virus from my bro.
Should have querantie him.(keep him in his room til he recover)
Now my family get sick coz of him.

I would like to congratz kill_me for his debut in G.A.F

i had this 'thing' that won't allow me to stay up late til 2am.
If i do so, my hold body will experience a full body shutdown.
A full body shutdown as in, i will temporary lose all my five sense and can't do anything(talk, move) for few seconds when i try to sleep after staying up late.
Its kinda weird, but initially when i first experience it at the age of 14, it was scary back there.
I found out later that i am not the only one experiencing this.
I think its due to tiredness.
But it happen frequently last time.
Now not so.

Tips of the day in ict: If you are afraid of your pendrive being infected by virus when you are using it to present something to someone/client,here is what you can do. If and only if you are presenting something as in read only files, you can always use a cd-rom. Burn your file into it and present. You can use it till the disc is full and use a new one then. CD-rom are cheap now a days. Virus can't infect cd-rom coz it needs to burn to into it which requires a burner hardware and its your choice to burn things to the cd and not the virus. You can safely bring it back home and put in new files. If you find it troublesome to keep on changing cd-rom, you can always buy cd-rw(rewritable) though its more expensive.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Exam was kinda hard as i did not have enough time to study.
Except for moral, bm, english, chemistry and physics(ok la).
Wake up in the morning to blog.
Someone requested me to blog more often.
hmm..., i study hard on moral this time.

btw, i thought that when people like my age will at least think better now.
I was wrong though.
Datelines were made so that we could set ourselves a target to finish something in time.
Some of us failed to do so...
In return of giving some lame excuses like lazy la..., tired la..
Then just because one person do not want to do, he/she asked everybody to boycott not to pass it up the next day.
Drag more people together to hell...
Disappointment is what i find...
At least try to even do it.

Every morning, wake up and wanting to sleep.
Especially when its raining.
The weather these days are humid.
The air is hot.

She gave me some motivation in my exam.
well, thats why i study hard in those 5 subjects..hahax

I got to get going to school now.
have a gud day and a smile on your face.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


exam is coming.
And 2 weeks after it there will also be another exam..
how am i gonna survive?

i hate website that kept dragging the download link.
It says "Click here to download"
Then it says " Please wait for 30seconds" "Don't like waiting?..Sign up for premium user to obtain fullspeed"
"Your download link will appear in 30seconds"
"Scanning for virus"
Finally.. "Click here to complete your download"
Whats with all those bullshit?
Waste time.

Here is a joke,
An A class student: eh, how much you get for your english exam?
An ict student: Who cares la..., my grammar is better than yours.
The A class student: huh? what do you mean?
The ict student: I am a pro in it thats why i am better than you. Cause i am a programmer. Pro-grammer..


Friday, April 17, 2009


yo, Its about vb again.
Busy lately.
Had to teach others how to do VB.
I teach them from basic(Before you run, you walk first)
In hoping that it will help them.
Most are okay.

Ohh.., ya. thanx again yit kenn.
For the book.
Its damn useful.
I forgot that i had a exam next week.
But do i care?

just try to get at least 6A.
hmm..., quite a target.

hmm..., nt much contact with her lately.
Dun wan to disturb her studying.
She is hardworking.

I try to give myself a challenge in VB by making it harder for me.

Tips of the day: All ways save a backup of your pendrive in your pc.Usually after using your pendrive at somewhere else will end up having an extra "luggage" called virus.
Anywayz, for those who are in Maluri School, just to let you know that our school main server has been affected by 2 virus. Namely Win32...exe(its a worm virus that travels via pendrive) and forever.exe(i dunno what it does but it won't disappear till i format it).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sorry.. busy lately..

hmm..., lately busy with visual basic.
Thanx to my teacher la...
Made my life harder...

Anywayz, as i had mention that you have to master the properties before you do the coding.

Well, If..then..end if was quite useful though


If Combo1.text = "Okay" Then
Label1.caption = "Thank you"
End if

The code means that in combobox1, if i choose "Okay", then "Thank you" will appear at label1.
I had to use caption for label and not text instead coz i am using visual basic 6.0.
That ict teacher of mine insist on using that ancient program.
I would prefer visual basic express though.

There is another method instead of using if..then..end if
We can also use case:


Select case Combo1.text
Case "Okay" : Label.caption = "Thank you"
Case "Not okay" : Label.caption = "whats wrong with you?"
End select

In case, we use less space and more tidy.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some facts...

In the years when the new era where computer are something new.
Many software were also invented to assists the user.
In order to know whether if the user is comfortable or is okay with the software,
data mining via software is done.
Data mining via software is a process where a data miner collects data of the activity of the user interacting with the software.
The data that are collected were then transfer to the company for analysis.
Those were the days...
Now..., data miner are manipulated to invade other people's privacy such as their activity that they used in the computer. Which net are they surfing, what is their password and id, and many more.
It is then known as a "spyware" as it is a software that is used spy upon people's privacy.
Human created it(data miner) for a good purpose at the beginning for the greater good.
But human are just too complicated sometimes that they then manipulated it and abuse it for their own purpose or bad intentions.

Okay.., tips for the day:
Have you actually install a lot of softwares in your pc and then uninstalling them?
well, thinking that when you uninstalling them like that would just be enough?
No, if you keep it up, your registery editor(regedit) will be a total mess!!
Clear it up k.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

for i will not bring you success..., but ony more stress..

As you had known about force boot(refer to previous post).
You can also make it boot to safe mode and there will be a administrator account
which doesn't requires password.
Well, in another method of loging in without password is when you see the user accounts
for you to log in, you just press Ctrl+Alt+Del+Del(hold on to the Ctrl and Alt while pressing Del twice.
It will pop out a box asking you to key in the user name and password.
Just type in "Administrator" and without password and enter.
There you go.
Wanna hear some gud news and bad news?
Gud news is that you can hack in like that.
But the bad news is that if a person sets a password for that invisible account, then you can no longer log in by using either way i had shown.
Cause both of the admin are the same.

Damn, "if...then..else" is hard in vb. Something new 2 me.hahax

Saturday, April 4, 2009

force boot..

ok, someone ask a request that i post about force boot in a pc.
Practically when you turn on your pc it will automatically boot to your
hard drive in order to load data or information to your pc.
You usually will see a blue/green line moving from left to right with your computer logo. That shows that it is loading/booting from your hard drive.

Well, what i am gonna explain is how to force boot it to cd or pendrive or floopy(if u r still using 1).

1)When you turn on your pc, before the part where your screen shows the booting to your hard drive, you will see some bios(basic input output system) on your screen.

2)You then press the "del" button. It will then appear an option on your screen asking where do you wanna boot the pc from. Some computers are required to press "F10".

3)You then choose cd-rom or floopy.

In another way, a long way.
It is more troublesome though.

1) Press "F12" at the begining. It will then lead you to the bios set up.

2)You then go to something called "boot option".

3)You then alter the the boot option in a way that its first boot priority is the cd-rom that you want or floopy.

4)Dun forget to press F10 when you are done editing. It is to safe your settings.Always press F10 whenever you edit something in bios.Usually F7 allows you to set the bios settings back to default.

Bios come in handy at times.
It has a option that allowed you to allow the com to use certain hardware that you are not able to use in your com. Just go to "Integrated peripherals" instead of "boot option".

It will shows a list of hardware. All you need to do is to enable it.
There are some computer that auto restart after using some amount of time.
Here might be one of the reason behind it:

There is a option in a bios that shows that at which when the computer reach certain temperature, it will auto restart. You just need to edit it.
But if that keep on even though you change it already, You better get your computer a new fan or intercooler.

Friday, April 3, 2009

yo, partially succeed.

hmm..., before this i had problem with vidual basic 6.0 as the
syntax(refer from the previous post) is differ from visual basic express.
now, i got a grip of it.
i think its quite easy.
here are some tips if you actually want to learn v.b,
before you learn the syntax, there is another thing you should master first.
Its the properties of the objects that you add.
Its useful.
For example,
When you add a textbox, you will see in the properties of it at the right
of your screen.
In that properties, one of it is "name", it is the name user will see when you run it.
Basically you will leave it blank.
As for its "(name)", it is the name you use for the textbox for you to called it when you write the coding.
So, you can type in "textbox1" in the "(name)".
Well, other properties and object you can explore yourself via online tutors which has better explanation then me.
This is the tutorial that i recommend:

VB tutorial

good luck.

btw, visual basic express dun go well with vista.