Wednesday, June 30, 2010

yeah, freedom

i woke up 2day at 5am.
no class 2day=)
fetch my bro to school and my grandma to my aunt's place.
went home and continue sleeping XD
quite the lazy.
i send them early so i can go back to sleep early.

Woke up at 11am.
okay, so i went swimming.
no one at pool.
its all mine man.
no need 2 worry ppl use ur lane.
After that, i went to giza to hav lunch.
it cost me rm15 and free parking.
had a nice lunch.
The funny thing when i had lunch is that i saw this female
who seems to be 20++
waiting for someone in another table.
waited for 30minutes==
that is like when i am done eating already.
So, there is this guy who came in a hurry.
First thing he said was that he is sorry that he was late.
Then he ask did he keep her waiting? how long?
she said that not really, only 5 minutes.

i was like ==
hmm..., guess that was their first few dates.
i think it will be different after few months.
Here is a simple illustration,
Same thing happen, guy ask the same thing again.
But this time the girl will be like
whats wrong with you? Why are you late?
You noe, making me wait here so long with my empty stomach.

okay, that is the scenario. =)
ps: monk-ed, i wan the torrent hack..ZZzzzz.. i noe u busy sketching girls.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 post in one day.

its been long i had done 2 post in one day.
gonna talk a bit bout tis week.
So, i did a car pool with my college friends.
its good.
at least i dun need to drive a lot.
save petrol=save money. =)
have to fetch my friend back sometimes as well.
she stay near, so nvm.

okay, there is this time when i went out to eat.
there is this group of gals sitting beside my table,
at 1st i tot tat it is jz me tat i think one of them is looking at me.
then, a few times it happens.
and i caught once. And i got a funny reaction when she turn her head looking away.haha
what i meant is that, if u have something to say, just say it. i need to eat peacefully without having the feeling of being stare.
you noe, it feels uncomfortable.

Well, KB school karnival damn sienzzz.
my bro there, so i hav 2 go.
haiz, waste my time there.
my junior could not recognise me
coz of my look now,
its different..

i think i have 2 do back meditation.
or not no energy next day.
believe it or not,
meditation improves your body regeneration as well.
it keeps u focus.=)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

ucti dance club..

So, me and c.k went to check out the dance club in ucti
on friday.
We were the 1st to arrive at the meeting.
So, we were like ok, the club is not punctual.
Then slowly got a few came.
It didn't match the numbers as in 64 sign up but less then 20 turn up.
I think coz they didn't really inform ppl well.
They just post it in the ucti webspace.
I didn't noe bout it till c.k told me.
So far okay, i think as they might have some class for us.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

a little bout economy.

Before i begin, some facts that i wrote might be wrong.

to put it in the simplest form,
economy is demand and supply.
As demand increases more than supply, price of supply increase.
As supply increases more than demand, the price decrease.

means: E = D/S
Where E is economy,D is demand, and S is supply.
okay, understand the above?

Okay, there is something called business environment which
are factors that will affect the business or economy.
It is divided into two: internal(controllable) and external(uncontrollable).
For more facts click here.

in a rush as i jz came back from penang.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

update ma update lo..

update lo..
hmm..., last week went to the demo for aikido.
Before that, there is some practice(not for the demo) taught by inoue sensei.
Was quite good as it helps me to improve my basic.
Cause in aikido, basics are essential.
Ermmm.., so we got some random partner from other dojo.
I was wearing a white belt though i dun rmb hw many test i pass adi.
lazy to get one. Dun wan to be a show off coz i memang noob.
So, the n1st partner i got was a black belt guy.
He is quite good and commit to his attacks.
The 2ns one was a girl..
I was like err..a bit awkward as i nvr train with a girl before.
The next few things that happen during practice is better to keep it to myself as most are difficult to write here.haha

So, ppl like see me white belt.
Then they were surprise why i go demo.ha
But i made quite a number of mistakes there.
The other demo made by the other dojo were pre-plan.
mine is like spontaneous.
Other dojo made it like acrobatic which i think is wrong.
They have kicks and punch which were not aikido moves...
aikido is not some awesome self-defence, just to give u a picture of it.
Its difficult and not easy. needs patience.
not many ppl understand it.
And basics must nvr be left out.
ps: i am still noob.

errr.., my team won the class debate by luck.
had to thank monk-ed for some advice=)

this is just for the sake of
very busy lately n nw.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


okay, so college was fun.
sort of although the jam was not.
nt the jam u eat with bread, its the traffic jam.
kinda stupid whenever there is an accident.
Malaysians are very concerned type of people when it comes to this.
they stop by to "see" if you are okay.
and cause a major congestion...
whats even funnier is that the opposite traffic is even more congested..
Well, at least you will noe that there is people out there who are concern bout you whenever you encounter an accident.

my car petrol kept burning...
haiz, waste of petrol.. money ah...
traffic jam made it worse.

So, i was in the dojo yesterday,
my sensei last minute told me that i will be replacing someone for a demo in front of the japanese sensei and many people..
i was like
how long i had not practice man?
So, i ask him what kind of technique we will be doing.
He said it will be done spontaneously..
He say just relax and follow.
i was like i am so gonna screw it up..
and so my senior told me one advice, two words..that is " whack only".
i was like saying back two words.."thank you"
dunno hw le, next week demo.
no practice one, its random.

doing c++
relearning it coz i forgot most of it.haiz
busy man typing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


ermm.., met many ppl in college.
a few funny guys..
made it lifely i guess.
hmm.., nt as boring as school.
more fun there.
made a few friends there.
btw, i am studying in ucti in case some of u dunno.
its somewhere in bukit jalil.

feel sleepy.
driving in the rain is sleepy.
no fun. =(

When i was in buddha class, i learn a lot too.
Its like respecting others is important.
And when something happen, look at yourself to see if its your fault first thing first.
In your heart there live 3 brothers,
Greed, anger, and confusion(makes you can't differ from right and wrong).
If you can control all 3 of these, i say u pro.

and real monk only come out in the morning till 12am if i am nt wrong,
and they come in group.
I learn how to meditate as well.
not easy. coz my dorm very noisy.

jz for the sake of updating this blog.